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We have been manufacturing the LED downlights for 8 years since our factory was built in 2013.

LED Down lights are our company’s most diverse products, including almost all types of downlights on the market. Can meet the procurement needs of different customers. All products can pass CE RoHS certification, there is no problem in quality. 

At the same time, after many years of experience accumulation, we can provide different prices for the same product according to customer requirements and budget. The warranty period can be extended to 5 years or more.

Excellent quality makes our export volume increase rapidly every year. Commercial lighting projects that use our downlights have been spread across most countries in the world.

Recessed Downlight

SMD Downlight: These LED downlighters are all with SMD LED Chips from Epistar, Samsung, Philips brand, chips model generally SMD5630/SMD5730, SMD2835, or SMD3030.SMD LEDs occupy a small area, and the unit area can increase the number of LEDs connected in series, which has the benefit of improving the power factor of low-power LED lamps. And it is assembled onto PCB, which will improving the heat performance, so that increase the led chips’ lifespan. And for SMD LED Downlights, their CRI is mostly 80%. The size ranges from 2.5inch to 10inch, widely used for supermarket lighting, hospital lighting, schools, office lighting, etc.

COB Downlights: The led chips are COB. The COB light source can be simply understood as a high-power integrated surface light source, and the light-emitting area and dimensions of the light source can be designed according to the product shape and structure. So it can control the smaller light-emitting surface, and the outer surface of the lamp can be made small. Compared with ordinary SMD low-power light sources, features: higher brightness, lower thermal resistance (<6°C/W), and lower light attenuation. All of our downlights are with top-quality led chips. In structure, most of the downlight housing we are using is an Anti-glare design, Anti-glare led downlight is much better in lighting performance. When people look up 30 degrees, they can not directly see the light source. This can better protect people’s eyesight and create a more comfortable lighting atmosphere. The COB LED Downlights generally are CRI90 which will make sure it is better to color reproduction.

Indoor LED Spotlights

The LED spotlight is a kind of downlight, which can also be called LED wall washer downlights, it is directional lighting. Its beam is straight and strong. It is used to highlight key objects like TV background walls, murals, ornaments, merchandise, etc. It can easily increase the brightness of the space. Contrast and create an atmosphere. In order to achieve this effect, the light-emitting angle of the spotlight lamp is generally small, usually 30-60 degrees. In this way, even if it has the same power and the same amount of light as other LED downlights of the same type, the illuminated area is small, and the brightness Very high. In terms of structure, LED spotlights usually use lenses or reflector cups to achieve secondary optical refraction and small-angle light focusing, and the illumination angle can usually be adjusted to illuminate different things.

Surface-mounted downlights

LED surface mounted downlight is a lighting fixture which mainly is installed onto the ceiling or wall and is directional lighting, only its opposite side can receive light, the beam angle is concentrated, the light is concentrated, and the contrast between light and dark is strong. The illuminated object is more prominent, the lumens are higher, and the quiet environment is more set off.

Waterproof downlights

The waterproof downlight is a re-creation on the basis of the conventional LED downlight. The waterproof effect is achieved by improving the structure and adding a waterproof rubber ring. The waterproof level is generally IP54-IP65. It is also used in relatively humid environments such as bathrooms and toilets. , Kitchens, outdoor balconies, swimming pool halls, and other places. Installation methods include embedded installation, surface mounted installation, hanging installation, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Downlight generally refers to a kind of concealed lamp installed on the ceiling. All the light is projected downward. The lighting provided by downlight is not particularly obvious, just like the light emitted from a hole in the ceiling. Its diameter is usually 2.5inch to 10INCH. The structure of the downlights fixture is generally divided into lamp body, light source module, and cover. There are many kinds of lamp body materials, such as iron surface, pure aluminum, die casting, etc.

Generally speaking, the price of the down lamp with the iron surface is cheap, and the materials of pure aluminum and die casting are more expensive, but they are more durable. The down lamp with the aluminum shell is more used in engineering. The lighting module is usually led light source, CFL, HID, or incandescent lamp. The recessed can light usually includes a frame, which is used to fix the device to the ceiling structure, and the accessories for fixing the lighting module, such as E27, GU10, G24 lamp caps, are added. When these light sources are broken, they can be replaced and updated at any time.

With the improvement of people’s energy-saving requirements and awareness, people are constantly improving the down lighting to improve its work efficiency and lifespan. Due to the continuous development of LED technology, the luminous efficiency of LED downlight has generally reached 80-100lm / W, Lifespan is usually above 50000hrs (the LED downlights produced by our company in 2013 can still work with high quality up to now, and the working time has been more than 7 years), while the life of ordinary lamps is only 2000-6000hrs. At the same time, led downlights do not contain mercury, toxic gases, and liquids, which are harmless to the environment and can be recycled. These characteristics make him more and more popular like LED panel lights, especially for various commercial places, such as supermarkets, shopping malls, stores, and home places, such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc

The market is full of recessed can light with different prices and quality from different manufacturers. High quality LED downlight often depends on the following price aspects:

1. Aluminum or die-cast aluminum shell and radiator. The radiator undertakes the task of quickly exporting the heat emitted by an LED light source, so as to reduce the temperature in the downlight device and the temperature of the LED lamp bead, so as to reduce the light attenuation of the lamp bead and delay the service life of the lamp bead.

2.LED Chips. best Led downlights often use pure gold wire beads with copper support, which have high luminous efficiency, low light attenuation, consistent light color, and good uniformity, which can better create the lighting effect.

3. High color rendering. LED light sources on the market have SMD cob, SMD lamp beads are usually above 80, the color rendering of cob can reach more than 90. The higher the CRI, the more accurate you will be able to observe the true color of the object it illuminates, which can present the true natural color of the object being illuminated. This is extremely important for some special places, such as the lighting of museums and meat shops.

4.Anti-glare performance.Anti -Generally, different designs are made on the lamp body and optical lens to hide the luminous surface of downlight as far as possible. When people look up 30 degrees, they can not directly see the light source. This can better protect people’s eyesight and create a more comfortable lighting atmosphere.

5. No flickering effect. Stroboscopic refers to the fluctuation of the luminous flux of an electric light source at a certain frequency. When a mobile phone is aimed at the light source, the fringe distribution can often be found, which is caused by stroboscopic light. As early as the 1990s, a large number of studies have found that there is a close relationship between the stroboscopic light source and neurological diseases such as migraine, headache, autism, visual fatigue, and discomfort, which can lead to the illusion of human eyes and then cause accidents. High grade led downlights must use a free flicker LED power supply.

6.Choosing the correct color temperature for different application places.

According to above points,you will get the best led downlight.

The best wattage for led downlights should be decided by application places, such as, for residential houses, its height is about 2.7-3meter, in this case, the best wattage is 7Watt to 9Watt. But in some commercial places such as clothing stores, it will be better to use bigger wattage like 15W 18W to increase the brightness, however, for larger commercial places like shopping malls or supermarkets, generally, it is best to install 18W 24W 30W led downlights.

From theory, the lifespan for led downlights is 50000Hrs. But from our experiences, the lifespan is decided by multiple factors. Some of the bad quality downlights maybe only last 6month or 1month. You have to purchase the high quality led downlights if you want downlights to last 50000hrs. The key points for led downlights are led driver and led chips. We only do high quality led downlight fixture with Philips/LiFud/DONE driver and Bridgelux Chips. The led downlights we produced in 2014 is still working well today. Its lifetime has been already more than 7years.

It mainly depends on the size and height of your room, as well as the density of the installation and the power of the LED downlights selected. If there are main lighting fixtures such as chandelier lights in the room, and the led downlight is just for decoration. Then the number of downlights does not need to be too much. For example, in a living room at home, 8-10 7W downlights or indoor spotlights are generally enough. For a smaller kitchen or bathroom, then 4 7W-9W is enough.

The main reason for the continuous flashing of downlights is generally the quality problem of the LED driver, which cannot provide voltage and current stably. Some low-quality LED downlights often use non-isolated power supplies or integrate power components directly on the PCB.

Yes, it is available to do replacements or retrofits by LED sources, such as use GU10 or MR16 LED bulbs to do replacements directly. In this case, you have to check if the dimension of these gu10 mr16 led is suitable for your existing downlights shell.

The world’s well-known downlights manufacturers have the following:

1: PHILIPS (founded in Europe, a world-renowned brand, the world’s 100 most valuable brands, one of the world’s top ten lighting manufacturers)
2: COOPER (founded in the United States, a Fortune 500 company in the United States, one of the world’s top ten lighting manufacturers, a world brand,)
3: Lithonia lighting (founded in the United States, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fluorescent lamps, a world-renowned brand)
4: Thorn lighting THORN (founded in Europe, world-renowned brand, the world’s third-largest manufacturer of lighting components).

At the same time, in other countries or regions, there are some well-known downlight brands, such as in china, FSL, NVC, Opple etc, In Africa, Eurolight.

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