Recessed Downlighter 3inch-8inch(10W-40W) | Model: GR-DL-M

GR-DL-M Series anti-glare recessed downlighter is non-directional lighting fittings with COB chips. The outer frame is an anti-glare deep design with low glare. Wattage includes 10W 15W 20W 30W 40W available for different cuts out. Widely used in restaurants, hotels, hotels, commercial buildings, supermarkets, bars, coffee shops, tea houses, cultural and entertainment, and commercial places.

Material & Finished

  • Body: Anti-glare design aluminum body, the low glare value less than 19, good light performance.
  • Radiator: high-quality 6063 aluminum, reasonable heat dissipation structure design, provides the best heat transfer channel and the fastest heat dissipation speed, avoiding your worries about light decay.
  • Face ring: round shape and nearly perfect surface treatment, magnificent and high-end.
  • Springs: All springs have undergone a strict tempering process, which can provide enough bending and tension life to avoid the worry of spring failure after disassembly.
  • Bracket: Fast and securely fix the COB light source to minimize thermal resistance and avoid light attenuation due to poor installation.
  • Covers: Directly use glass instead of a diffuser to minimize light loss and give full play to the light effect of the light source.
  • Reflective cup: It adopts vacuum aluminum plating and undergoes strict optical light distribution. The light distribution is perfect, the light spot is uniform, the reflection efficiency reaches 90%, and the anti-glare effect is achieved at the same time.

Electrical & Optical

  • Working voltage:100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power Factor:>0.6 or >0.9
  • THD:<20%
  • Color rendering index:>90
  • Lumens:90lm-100lm/W output.
  • SDCM:<3
  • Efficiency:>88%
  • IP Rating: IP22 Indoor use
  • Beam angle: 60° Medium distribution
  • Lifetime:>50000Hrs
  • Working temperature:-25℃/+55℃
  • Compliance: CE RoHS Certified
  • Warranty:2/3/5 Years.

Additional Options

  • Zigbee/ WIFI Mesh / CCT Tunable/ remote controller
  • PWM/0-10V/DALI Dimmable
  • Emergency battery packs

Installation & Mounting

Quick tool-free installation design, the downlighter has a strong fixing bracket, which can be quickly installed on a ceiling of 1-40mm thick. At the same time, it is suitable for installation heights of 2-10 meters.

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Recessed downlighter Models and Details

Order modelWattageInchDimensionCut outLumensColor temperatureGlare value(UGR)LED TypesCRI(Ra)Input voltageDATASHEET
GR-DL-10WM10W±5%3inchø110×H75mmø 90mm-95mm800-900mm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-15WM15W±5%4inchø130×H96mmø 110mm-120mm1350-1500lm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-20WM20W±5%5inchø158×H106mmø 140mm-145mm1650-1800lm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-30WM25W-30W±5%6inchø182×H118mmø 160mm-165mm2500-3000lm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-0-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-40WM30W-40W±5%8inchø230×H130mm200mm-205mm3000-4000lm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-240VAC 50/60HzDownload

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