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We have been producing and exporting led flat panel lights for 8years. Speaking honestly, we made some mistakes or got some bad experiences for quality, especially for edge-lit led panel in 2014. But after that, we have come back top quality led light panel supplier for improving all processes and details. Led panel lights exported in 2015 from us are all still working well.

What is more, we are releasing more new types of led panel light, like back-lit led panel lights, dimmable LED panel light, RGB LED light panel, Remote control led panel lights, etc. All of the led panel lights have been approval CE RoHS.Just contact us if you are looking for a reliable led panel light supplier from china. We can accept OEM, ODM, and it is ok for us to customize color boxes with your logo or printing logo on the led light boy, We think you will get benefits from our cooperations.

As commercial lighting, the led flat panel light fixtures mainly for replacement or retrofit of fluorescent ceiling light fixtures where were installed at offices, schools, kitchens, etc. The original solution is very slim and edge-lit in structure. As the LED industry and related industries continue to mature, more and more back-lit led panels have appeared on the market this year.

All of these two types, we have been lots of production experiences, it is ok for us to control quality and cost for every customer or project. From our experiences, the led panel light 600x600mm 40W is the most popular in markets, there is a large quantity request for new offices, schools, or replacements of grid ceiling panel light fixtures.

LED Panel Edge-lit

Edge-lit means led chips installed on the side of the aluminum frame of light pane fixture, all lights come from the side of the frame. The side-emitting LED panel light uses the light guide plate technology to design the light guide plate mesh points according to the arrangement of the LED chips and its light-emitting angle. The light passes through the light guide plate, the diffuser plate and the continuous reflection and refraction conduct out for illumination. Generally, it is slim in structure about 8mm-12mm thickness. If the production process is not good, there will be more obvious bright edges around. The requirements for the production workshop are also relatively high.

LED Light Panel Back-Lit

Back-lit means all of led chips posted on black cover. The backlight panel light is designed to use the LED light-emitting angle to make a reasonable LED spacing and cooperate with the diffuser and the height of the lamp to achieve the ideal light mixing effect. It is easy for this solution to do high lumens output light fixture, 600×600 led ceiling panel light can reach 4000lm, replacing traditional grille lamp panel. The distance between the led chips and the diffuser must be relatively large so that no dark area will be formed when it is lit. Usually, the thickness is 30mm-50mm. The light output is relatively uniform, and the brightness uniformity can reach above 0.9. The process requirements are relatively simple. Many customers like to use it to make DIY LED light panels.

Extra functions available for all above our LED Panel Lights

Just tell us if you need these functions

Dimmable LED Panel light

There are 3 types dimming for panel lights.

  1. Triac dimmable. It is an original dimming solution. Load Max is about 200Watt for led source.
  2. 0/1-10V dimmable. It is better performance than Triac dimming solution, but the price is higher as well
  3. DALI Dimmable. It is the latest technology for dimming led panel light. It is a dimming system, suitable for big projects, you can control many led panel lights at the same time. This cost is the highest

LED Panel light with emergency backup

Emergency led light panels,1hrs 2hrs 3hrs duration optional.

There is generally an extra battery backup for the led panel. The battery backup will provide power to the panel light once there is off electricity. This battery backup is rechargeable, and works recycle.

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We can provide IES Files to do Dialux for commercial projects

LED panel edge lit vs direct-lit

led SourceMost of edge-lit panel lights is with SMD2835 0.2W/PCSBack lit light panel generally with SMD2835 1.5W/pcs
Lighting principleRefraction through the light guideLighting through lens directly
Thickness8mm 9mm 10mm 12mm option32mm,45mm,55mm thickness optional
MaterialsIncluding frame+PS Diffuser plate+PMMA LGP+reflector paper+back coverOnly frame+PS diffuser plate+baseplate. NO LGP
lumens out80-140lm/W80-120lm/W
Production processHardEasy
Main complaintYellowing change for bad LGPeasy to drop off for lens

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important for everyone to know the materials for led panel light, which are basic requirements to know how to choose a high-quality product.

Frame(shell).The original led panel light solutions are only with 6063 aluminum frame, It is usually anodized, the surface is very flat, the conventional color is silver, usually many customers on the market will need a white frame. The black frame can also be customized, but often the price will be more expensive than the other two colors. and the frame thickness is 8-12mm.

Light Guide plate and diffuser plate. The quality of the light guide plate is one of the most important factors to determine the quality of LED flat panel light. The use of a high-quality light guide plate can make the finished light panel emitting more evenly. There will be no dark spots, water ripples, etc. The light guide plate on the market is mainly divided into three categories, laser dot light guide plate, ink printing light guide plate, structure light guide plate. The difference between price and quality is the laser dot light guide plate > ink light guide plate > structure light guide plate. and the thickness of the light guide plate is 1.0mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm,3.0mm. The diffuser plate generally is PS materials, the thickness is 1.0mm 1.2mm,1.5mm optional thicker, the more expensive the price, the better the effect. Under the condition of budget permission, the light guide plate with laser point shall be selected as far as possible. On the market prone to yellowing panel lights are generally used with the structure of the light guide plate. Our ultra-thin led panel lights never use a structure light guide plate. some special light Guide plates are Anti-glare, it is a key material to do Anti-glare led panel lights UGR<19.

LED chips on PCB.PCB is aluminum materials with a copper circuit. and the led chips generally are SMD2835, SMD4014, SMD5630. Most of the led ceiling light panel is with 2835SMD chips, and SMD5630 chips are popular if customers request to do higher lumens output. These led chips price is also much different from different manufacturers, We just use the high quality led chips from Epistar, Samsung Stable performance, good brightness, small light attenuation, and good color rendering index.

Led reflective paper, which is only used on the side light-emitting panel lamp, is used to reflect light and increase light efficiency.

Backplate. for slim led panel light, the backplate is a thin iron plate, it is also ok to do an aluminum plate for it if requested. for a backlit panel led light, the backplate and lamp body is integrated, generally, it is iron materials.

LED driver for a led office panel light. It is the key to the quality of led ceiling panel light. The quality issues for led lamps are led driver’s issues. There are many cheap led panel lights in markets, they are generally with Non-isolated driver, it is simple and easy to blinking or burn. We only use high quality&famous brand-led drivers for our led panel light like DONE, LiFud, Meanwell, GS, Boke, Eaglerise which are all up to real 50000Hrs lifetime and free flicker, it is very suitable for different commercial projects. We have used these brand driver for 5years, the fault rate is very low, about 0.3% within 5years.

There are mainly 4different installation types for led ceiling panel lighting as following

1.Recessed led panel lights

This installation method is often used in offices, shops, kitchens, and bathrooms, etc. It is also the most common installation method. First, remove a ceiling, put the LED panel light driver on the ceiling next to it, then connect the power cord, and then put it on Panel lights are sufficient, and the installation method is relatively simple.

2.Suspension flat panel led light

You need to prepare a set of steel rope firstly, Hang the lighting from the ceiling with steel ropes. First fix the 4 hanging wire bases on the lighting fixture on the roof, then tie the 4 hanging wires to the LED panel light, connect the light’s driving power cord, and pull the wire to adjust the height of the panel light. The installation method is more flexible

3.Surface mounted led panel light

Use screws to fix 3sides of the frame onto proof, Then connect the led driver, inserting the led light panels into frames, finally, screws the last frame.

4.Clip installation

Generally, this is clips led ceiling panel lights, it looks like a recessed led downlights. Then the installation way is the same.

There are full of different dimensions for ceiling panel lights in markets, someone is standard like 600x600mm, but someone is the non-standard size which generally can be customized. Different dimension is also with some power consumption option as following:

Small round led panel light. this type looks like slim led downlights, generally, from 2inch to 10inch, the power is 5W 7W 9W 12W 15W 18W 24W 30W.

Big Square led flat panel lights, this mainly includes 600x600mm which is 595*595mm in actual size, and to be with 40W, This is the most popular in markets. What is more, for some special markets, like Germany, there is a 620x620mm type instead of 600x600mm.

Rectangle led Panel lights.This type is with 1200x300mm 40W,1200x600mm 60W troffer light.Of course, The power consumptions generally can be customized according to customer’s requirement, for example, sometimes, led panel light 2×2 can be with 60Watt Max.

Like all LED lamps, the color temperature choice of panel lights also includes warm light, natural light, and cool white light. The use of lamps is closely related to our life and work. Different color temperatures often have different effects on us

♦. In places with low illumination requirements, low color temperature light makes people feel comfortable; high color temperature makes people feel cold; high illumination needs places, low color temperature light makes people feel stuffy; high color temperature makes people feel comfortable and happy.

♦. The workplace needs a high illuminance and high color temperature environment, and the resting place needs a low illuminance and low color temperature environment.

Like a thermal processing workshop, the use of cold light sources can make people feel cool, psychologically suggest and relieve irritability, thereby improving the safety and pass rate of production.

♦. People in different climates and different cultures have different preferences for light and color. Most people in tropical and subtropical climates prefer white light or daylight, while people in cold regions mostly like warm light sources with low color temperatures.

3000-3200K warm white is good for the living room. 4000-4500k natural white is better for offices,6000-6500K is suitable for workshops which make people awake

Other Types of LED Lights