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Linear pendant light / Recessed linear lighting,surface linear lamps are all available. 600mm/1000mm/1200mm/1800mm/2000mm/2400mm length available White/black/Wood/Silvery housing can be optional Triac dimmable/0-10V Dimmable/DALI dimmable available

GRNLED Provides Best Quality LED Linear Lighting

GRNLED is the best led linear lighting manufacturer, supplier, factory in china. We have experiences to produce linear lighting for 8years. Products have been exported to many countries. Our price is much lower than competitors, but the quality is higher, especially for 1200mm long fixtures, because We have good partners in raw materials for linear led lighting. We have the confidence and ability to make you more money and create a better reputation

We have always maintained the spirit of innovation. Every year we are constantly developing new products or innovating on the basis of original products. For example, the recently launched Track linear lighting is re-created on the base of existing linear lighting. We also accept OME or doing design according to customers’ requirements.

Linear Pendant Light Manufacturer

They are the main items in markets. It is a suspension installation, very flexible, and easy to do installations. You can adjust the length of steel ropes to meet the different heights of the ceiling. They are all with Samsung SMD 2835 chips and driver TUV CE approval, lifespan up to 50000Hrs. It not only can be as LED kitchen light fixtures but also can be as commercial linear pendant lighting for meeting rooms, hotel halls, hospitals, etc. We will provide corresponding matching accessories, two linear lights can be seamlessly spliced, which is convenient for customers to match different creative solutions

Recessed linear light manufacturer

We are a professional recessed linear light manufacturer in china. we can provide lots of types of linear lights for our customers.These embaded linear lights can be customized for different length(600mm 900mm,1000mm,1200mm,1500mm etc),color temperature(2700-6500K) ,power consumption(5W-45W),input voltage(AC100-240VAC,OR low voltage DC12V 24V 48V input).

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led linear profile light for Cabinets Wine Cabinets and Wardrobes
Led aluminum profile lights-recessed type for led linear profile light for Cabinets Wine Cabinets and Wardrobes.
recessed linear lights for offices and supermarket and subway station
Recessed linear lights are used for offices, supermarkets, meeting rooms, and subway stations.
suspended linear lights for offices
Suspended linear lights as commercial lighting for offices supermarkets. it is available to be 3000mm Max each.
led suspension linear lights for dining room and kitchen
led suspension linear lights for dining room and kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Linear light is a linear shape light fixture, generally long in size and short in width, which perfectly integrates aesthetics, performance, and energy efficiency, sometimes, it looks like batten light. Generally, it includes suspended type, recessed type, and ceiling type. led linear lighting combines high-end architectural style with precision optical engineering, opening up new horizons for innovative commercial lighting solutions that cannot be achieved with linear fluorescent lighting.

Compared with traditional LED lamps, linear lamps are favored by more and more people because of their flexibility in shape extension. The products are widely used in shop decoration and high-end architectural lighting design. Its shape is more suitable for long narrow spaces. It Can enrich the lighting level of the space and create unexpected optical effects.

  • Many types of options. Led linear lights are very flexible in design, you can choose or customize the different lengths, power, and installation way that you prefer. It mostly meets all requirements for a different place. It can be used for global illumination or accent lighting.
  • Most of the linear lights fixture can be seamlessly spliced. The lamp and the lamp can be directly matched in different shapes and can be spliced into a square or other special shapes. Improve the richness of the interior lighting design of the building and realize the designer’s concept.
  • Long lifetime. Led linear lights are all with Samsung led chips or Osram SMD3030 Chips, high CRI, stable quality, and famous Philips driver, DONE driver. The lifetime is up to 50000Hrs. They will be working well even if the linear light will work for 24hrs each day. A longer lifetime will save much more cost for replacements of lighting fixtures.
  • Different color temperature options.LED Linear lighting generally is warm white 3000K,4500K natural white,6500k cold white options. What is more, there is some extra functions option, such as Color change by remote; To do dimming led linear light. These functions will be much more helpful.

Generally, it is enough to use linear light which is 30% of the island length. For example, the 600mm length led linear lights are working if your island is about 2meter.

Yes, you can. For our recessed linear lighting, it is available to do hanging installation with ropes.

From the installation way, there are 3types linear light fixtures, suspension, recessed and surface-mounted type. But sometimes, maybe a 1pcs linear light fixture can be working with all 3 different installations.

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