Low Glare led Downlight Chrome/Black/White | Model: GR-DL-A

GR-DL-A Series is a low glare led downlight with a deep reflector, the UGR<19, it is available to do both SMD led chips and COB chips as options. It is a good choice to be residential lighting for the kitchen, dining room, living room, or bedroom, and commercial lighting for supermarkets, shopping mall, hospitals, bus stations, schools, etc.

Material & Finished

  • Body: aluminum body, matt white/black.
  • Radiator: high-quality 6063 aluminum, reasonable heat dissipation structure design, provides the best heat transfer channel and the fastest heat dissipation speed, avoiding your worries about light decay.
  • Face ring: round shape and nearly perfect surface treatment, magnificent and high-end.
  • Springs: All springs have undergone a strict tempering process, which can provide enough bending and tension life to avoid the worry of spring failure after disassembly.
  • Bracket: Fast and securely fix the COB light source to minimize thermal resistance and avoid light attenuation due to poor installation.
  • Covers: Directly use glass instead of a diffuser to minimize light loss and give full play to the light effect of the light source.
  • Reflective cup: It adopts vacuum aluminum plating and undergoes strict optical light distribution. The light distribution is perfect, the light spot is uniform, the reflection efficiency reaches 90%, and the Low-glare effect is achieved at the same time.

Electrical & Optical

  • Working voltage:100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Power Factor:>0.6 or >0.9
  • THD:<20%
  • Color rendering index:>90
  • Lumens:90lm-100lm/W output.
  • SDCM:<3
  • Efficiency:>88%
  • IP Rating: IP22 Indoor use
  • Beam angle: 90° Medium distribution
  • Lifetime:>50000Hrs
  • Working temperature:-25℃/+55℃
  • Compliance: CE RoHS Certified
  • Warranty:2/3/5 Years.

Additional Options

  • Zigbee/ WIFI Mesh / CCT Tunable
  • PWM/0-10V/DALI Dimmable
  • Emergency battery packs

Installation & Mounting

Quick tool-free installation design, the downlighter has a strong fixing bracket, which can be quickly installed on a ceiling of 1-40mm thick.

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Models and Details

Order modelWattageInchDimensionHole Cut outLumensColor temperatureGlare value(UGR)LED TypesCRI(Ra)Input voltageDATASHEET
GR-DL-7WA7W±5%2.5inchø79×H36mmø 65mm-70mm600-700mm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-10WA10W±5%3inchø93×H45mmø80mm900-1000lm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-12WA12W±5%3.5inchø112×H52mmø 90mm-100mm1100-1200lm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-15WA15W±5%4inchø135×H60mmø 115mm-120mm1400-1500lm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-18WA18W±5%5inchø162×H72mmø 140mm-145mm1700-1800lm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-24WA24W±5%6inchø192×H83mmø 170mm-175mm2200-2400lm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-0-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-30WA30W±5%8inchø225×H97mm200mm-205mm2700-3000lm3000K;4000K;6500K<19COB>90100-240VAC 50/60HzDownload

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