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We are a Led street light manufacturer, factory, and supplier in China since 2014, with ISO9001:2015 approval. We are very good at designing, producing, and developing various high-quality road lights.

OEM/ODM/SKD is acceptable for us. All the led street light is made of good materials for up to 10 years, CE RoHS certificates. The Photocell, smart control, 0-10V, DALI, DC12V-48V low voltage can be available.

Please feel free to consult all questions about street lighting projects. We will provide the best products, the best service, and the price you like.


As a top SMD/COB led street lights factory and supplier in china. We are focusing on top-quality led street lamps at a cheap price. The power wattage includes 30W 40W 50W 60W 90W 100W 120W 150W 180W 200W 250W 300W 400W. We can make any good designs according to customer’s requirements. Our existing street light types can meet different requests, such as the adjustable street light is a good choice to be residential street lights and pole lights, the slim SMD Street lamps or COB streetlighting mainly also can be used for solar street light systems.


GRNLED is the best modular streetlight manufacturer, factory, and supplier in China, we provide the integrated modular types and removable modular streetlighting. These streetlights are much better in heat performance and brightness, what is more, it is easier to do replacements or repairs. It is the ideal choice to do the replacement of E40 Bulb street lamps. These modular street lights are not only used for roadway lighting but also used for high-mast lighting, food lighting, stadium lighting, etc.



Frequently Asked Questions

Streetlights usually refer to a series of lighting device that is mounted on a column, pole, or post and is separated along the road or highway, improving the safety of drivers and pedestrians. It is an important part of urban lighting. Traditional streetlighting generally adapts high press sodium or metal halide as lighting sources, matching with the reflectors and ballast. It is not very ideal in terms of energy-saving and contains toxic gases, which are very unfavorable to the protection of the environment. Today, when the concept of energy-saving and emission reduction is advocated.

 With the continuous development of LED technology and the continuous reduction of costs. More and more road projects are constantly using LED street lights to replace traditional street lights. From the appearance, some modular street lights look like modular led flood lights which also can be used as road lights for area lighting, because their design and beam angle almost is the same.

Light SourceSMD /COB LED ChipsHPS bulbsMetal halide bulb
BaseNo baseE27/E40E27/E40
StartupInstantPreheat for 10-30 minutesPreheat for 10-30 minutes
Beam angle120/80*155°360°360°
Light efficiency utilization100%40-50%40-50%
Color temperature3000K-4500K-6500KYellow less than 2500K4000-5000K daylight
Light decay1% for 3000Hrs30-40% for 3000Hrs40-50% for 3000Hrs
IP GradeIP65-IP67IP65IP65
Power10W to 400W200W-2000W75W to 2000W
Power factor>0.950.70.85
 CRI >75% 30% 65%

For LED road lighting, generally 2800-3200K Warm white,4000-4500K daylight, 6000-6500K cold white options. What is the difference between these color temperatures?

♦ 2800-3200K Warm white. It looks like yellow lighting, similar to High press sodium bulbs. Compared with cool white light and natural light, warm light has stronger penetrating power. It means that in rainy and foggy places or weather, people can see a long distance to the LED street light with warm color light, which will improve the safety of drivers driving on rainy days. But the 3000K warm white is relatively low lumens.

♦ 4000-4500K Natural white. This is the color most like sunshine light. In real life, this color temperature of street light fixture is popular, it looks like a Metal halide lamp.

♦ 5500-6500K cold white. The color temperature of 5500-6500k will make people visually very cold and dazzling, which will lead to excessive visual fatigue, and under this color temperature condition, people’s ability to observe from a distance will also decrease, reducing the driving safety of drivers. But in these color temperatures,6000-6500K led chips can be with much highest lumens output, saving much more energy, then it is the main reason why most of the customers purchase street led lights with 6000-6500K.

Conclusion: It is better to do led street lights with warm white 3000K or less than 2700k If it is installed in a rainy and foggy place. Or from experience, it is ok to buy 6000-6500k types which is the highest lumens output.

Street light typesHPSMetal halide lightLED
Wattage optional200W 250W 400W 600W 800W 1000W 1500W 2000W200W 250W 400W 600W 800W 1000W 1500W 2000W30W 50W 80W 100W 120W 150W 180W 200W 250W 300W 400W

Generally, the street light pole is 3meter 4meter 5meter 6meter 8meter 10meter 12meter 14meter optional. You should choose the different heights of poles for your detailed projects. For some urban main roads, the street lights are generally installed more than 8meter. But for some residential street lights, are often only installed less than 6meter height. What is more, you also decide how tall is street lights according to the wattage, such as led street lights 150W 200W, generally installed on the top of the 8meter-12meter pole, but 50W 80W LED Street lights only are with 6meter street light pole.

In traditional street lights housing, the light sources are generally HPS or Metal halide lights, they are mostly with E27 or E40 base and glass cover. They all contain toxic gas inside, which is not good for the environment. Now more and more people choose the E27 E40 LED Corn street lights to replace these traditional light sources.

It should be decided by the streetlight pole. Generally, the distance between two street lights is 3-4 times of the street light pole. For example, the distance between two street lights should be 36-48 meters if the street light pole is 12 meters. Of course, some people generally expand the distance between two lights poles, to reduce projects budgets.

Yes. LED street lights can be with Triac dimming, 0-10V dimming, or DALI dimming optional. Just use the relative dimming drivers for different dimming types.

Generally, most of the street lights are with high voltage, but for different countries or regions, the working voltage is different, such as in American markets, it is 110-120VAC 50/60Hz for street lights, but for European markets or African markets, 220-240VAC 50/60Hz is standard. What is more, for special applications, the street lights maybe only use DC12V DC24V DC48V low voltage.

Other Types of LED Lights