With the continuous development and progress of 2.4G and 5G wireless communication technology and the Internet of Things, smart home products based on this have developed in full swing in recent years, among which the smart lighting system, which is an important part of the smart home system, is particularly prominent. At present, the intelligent lighting solutions based on the Tuya intelligent platform on the market mainly include the following three types:

  • 2.4G WIFI smart lighting
  • Bluetooth Mesh smart lights
  • Zigbee smart lighting

How to choose them for your home lighting such as magnetic track lights or commercial lighting like downlights? and which is the best for you? Today Grnled(Golumen) will analyze their respective difference, advantages, and disadvantage.

TypesWIFI Smart lightsBluetooth Mesh smart lightZigbee smart lights
How it worksSmart Wi-Fi led lights to work directly with your home network. The bulbs communicate directly through your router. It is also available on TUYA smart platform.Pair with the light via the smart gateway using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your phone. In this way, the color temperature and brightness of the lamps can be controlled on the mobile phone Tuya APP.The Smart Hub acts as a Zigbee to Wi-Fi converter for your home network and lights. When you turn on the Zigbee smart lights using the app, the signal is sent to your router, then the Smart Hub (or compatible hub) converts that command into a Zigbee signal and sends it to the led lights. It is also available to work with Google Home, and Amazon Alexa speakers. controlling led lights by voices.
frequency band2.4GHz, 868/915MHz2.4G Hz2.4G / 5G Hz
Transmission distance205kb/s1Mb/s30Mb/s
Number of lighting connections<20pcs (If too many lamps are loaded at the same time, it will be easy to drop the line)80pcs+80pcs+
Remote controlNo ( it can only control lamps within WIFI coverage)YesYes( you can control the smart led light of your home, even if you are not home, or stay in your offices or company)
Smartphone App controlYesYesYes
Smart platformTUYATUYATUYA
Power consumptionHighLowLow
CostCheap priceMiddle-levelhigher cost
smart gateway(hub)No, or available to be with gatewayBluetooth mesh gatewayZigbee gateway
ApplicationE27 LED BulbsHotel Downlights, panel lightsSmart Downlights, smart magnetic track light system, panel lights

In summary, there are more than 80 LED smart lamps connected to both Bluetooth mesh and ZigBee at the same time, while there is less than 20 WiFi technology. At the same time, both Bluetooth Mesh and Zigbee smart lamps can be controlled remotely through the mobile APP, while WIFI lamps can only be controlled within the coverage of WIFI. For high-end home lighting, Bluetooth mesh and Zigbee are the best choices. At present, Zigbee technology accounts for half of the smart product market such as smart curtains, air conditioning controls, and smart lamps. Therefore, Zigbee LED lights are the best.

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