Top LED Track Lighting


  • Best commercial led track lights with 3circuits phases(4 wires), 2 wires, 3 wires track head.
  • Wattages 7W 10W 15W 20W 25W 30W 35W 40W 45W 50W available.
  • Track type/ recessed track lights / Surface mounted track light available.
  • CRI90 COB CREE/CITIZEN Chips+ Free flicker isolated led driver(Osram/ Philips)
  • 2Years/3Years/5Years warranty


  • Aluminum/ PC Plastic track rails available, wall mounted/suspension installation.
  • 2 Wries/3wires(2 circuits), 4 wires(3 circuits) available
  • White LED Track and Black Tracks, 1m/1.5 m/2 m/3 m Length Available.
  • Track light adapter: Horizontal 180° Connector, L shape/T Shape/Cross Adapter.


As a leading professional led track lighting manufacturer, factory, and supplier in China, we can provide all kinds of led track lighting fixtures (traditional track lamps and magnetic track lighting system), all of the lamps will be with high-quality chips, CREE, Bridgelux COB, CRI90, and working with top quality led driver, free flicker, ensuring each product can last 5years at least in lifespan, CE RoHS approval.

They are all designed for accent lighting in a lot of applications, such as the illumination of artwork that can highlight architectural features, and are used for retail clothes shops and residential spaces. We also released the latest technology for track light-Magnetic track ling systems to meet customers’ requirements.

We have 50+ types of LED track lights on the list, also we accept customized services, contact us for more information.

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We are a track lighting manufacturer, our company has professional production and management talents, and a long-term focus on the development, production, and solution of LED track lights to meet the individual needs of different customers. Our company insists on excellent quality, high-cost performance, and meticulousness.

Relying on our after-sales service, we are committed to being a professional LED track light lighting manufacturer and exporter. For the new era of the rapid development of the LED industry, we will continue to improve production equipment and methods, increase production efficiency, and shorten product delivery and new product development cycles! We believe that through our continuous efforts, we will be able to achieve a win-win situation for you and your customers! 

You need to know something when you purchase led track lighting

  1. Track heads

There are mainly 4 types of track lighting heads in markets. Each different type of track light fixture is working with different heads. Such as a head with 2 wires and 3 wires which are 1 circuit. The 2-wire type lacks ground wire, 3Wire type is added extra ground wire which is better in safety. Track light head with 4 wires is a 3-phases type, meaning 3 circuits. You have to use these 3phases of track light heads if you would like 0-10V or DALI dimmable track lighting. Of course, the 4wires type is highest than the other two types.

2. Track types

Different track heads must be assembled on the corresponding rails, otherwise, the LED track lights cannot be installed smoothly. The tracks that match these track heads are 2-line tracks which are only with 2pcs copper conductors, 3-line tracks which are with 3pcs copper conductors, and 4-line tracks which are 4pcs copper conductors. Generally, in markets, there are two types of rails on the market, one is trapezoidal, and the price is relatively cheap. The other is square, with stronger hardness and a higher price.

Frequently Asked Questions

3 Circuit track lighting means this track light is with a 3 circuits track head. These 3 circuit track lights only can be installed onto 3 circuit track rail. There are 4 pcs copper conductor into the track, L N wires, other wires are 0-10V/DALI signal wires. The 0-10V or DALI track lights only can be put onto 3 circuit track.

The led track light includes 2 wires, 3 wires, and 4 wires(3 circuits) types. Different led track light types will be different in the installation steps. You can check the PDF file here to know their details.

Track lighting also called rail light is installed into a suitable track, it can arbitrarily adjust the irradiation angle, generally like adjustable pull-out downlights used for accent lighting.LED track lighting is re-created by adding LED chips to do replacement of halogen track lighting. It must be working with a track lighting system consisting of three parts as follows:

1. Track light fixture

 There are some different track lighting types, the original is high-power led track lights and COB led track spotlights, their powers range from 5W mini led spots to 30W high-power track spotlights. Sometimes it is ok to do 40W 50W, the most popular models are COB LED Track light 20W which is very suitable at a reasonable price and has perfect lumens output for clothes stores, supermarkets, etc. In recent years, there are more and more modern track lighting options like beam angle adjustable track lighting for museums and magnetic track light.

2. Tracks

The track is usually made of extruded material whose cross-section is usually similar to an “H” shape, and the two vertical members are interconnected by a horizontal member. It is generally made of aluminum and contains copper wires as conductors. The surface can be made into a variety of colors or textures, and the commonly used track colors on the market are black or white. The track can be straight, curved, or other shapes. The track light is connected to the track through the track light heads, and it can also slide on the track at will.

3. Accessories

LED Track lighting system’s accessories include connectors and adapter. Tracks can be connected by a track light connector and track light adapter. The common connectors include joints,” T” model connectors, and ”+” connectors. Through these rail connectors, customers can splice the rails into different shapes to increase space utilization.

  1. led rail lighting is an LED light source, LED light source is a cold light source, with no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, pure color, high luminous efficiency, low-frequency flash, energy-saving, and healthy. Ordinary metal halide rail lighting is based on the metal halide lamp as the light source. The luminous principle of the metal halide lamp is that the heavy metal element mercury reacts with the two electrodes after gasification to produce light, which has great heat and radiation. It must be handled carefully after it is broken down, otherwise, it may pollute the environment (mercury is a heavy metal element, which is harmful to human health).
  2. A typical feature of LED track lights is energy saving. With the same brightness of LED track lights and ordinary metal halide track lights, the power consumption of LED track lights is only 40%-60% of that of ordinary metal halide track lights.
  1. From installation way, the track luminaires include flush mount track lighting which is no track heads, but only with a surface base plate, pendant track lighting, which means there is a rope to connect the track spotlight and track heads.
  2. From voltage input. There is a high voltage input track light fixture with 110VAC or 220VAC, and low voltage track lighting, such as 12v track lighting which is generally used for special places, like the boat, Mine, etc, of course, as far, there is the latest track light system with low voltage, it called magnetic track lighting system which is mainly with DC48V low voltage in markets.
  3. From circuits, just like the description of what we said, there are 1 circuit type track lighting and 3 circuit track light.

The track light is generally a kind of lamp mainly used for local lighting. The use of this kind of lamp often needs to highlight the characteristics of the illuminated object or play a role of emphasis. Therefore, we need to pay attention to some points when you purchase or use track lights:

  1. High-color rendering. The higher the color rendering index of the lamp, the more it can restore the true color of the illuminated object. So if for kitchen track lighting or commercial led track lighting for a clothes shop, It is best to use CRI90 Track lights.
  2. Luminous angle. Local lighting means that the illuminated area is often not very large, and generally only needs to be responsible for the lighting of the key target area. Then when selecting the track lighting angle, you need to compare the size of the illuminated object. The beam angle of track lights is generally 15, 24, or 36 degrees optional. The larger the angle, the larger the area of the illuminated area.
  3. Color temperature. The color temperature of the track light depends on the different places and purposes. You can refer to this article to determine which color temperature is best for your project.

Generally, install 2-3pcs on a 1-meter track, in this case, the lighting performance will be the best.

Track light has to match with the relative track, and install it onto a track where are conductors. And the track light can slide freely on the track bar.

No. There are different types of track lights, different types with different track heads, different track heads have to work with the relative track(2conductors track,3conductor track, and 4conductors tracks). Namely, 2-wire track lights only work with 2wires tracks. Just be careful and find out which type you request before you purchase.

Yes, you can cut it with different lengths but don’t damage the inner conductors when you cut it, and please put the end cap back on the tracks after cutting it, avoiding any danger.

The 110VAC /220VAC input voltage is a standard solution. It is ok to do 12V LED Track lights, just change the driver into a DC12V power supply. You can inquiry us here for your detailed requirements about it.