Professional LED Landscape Lighting Manufacturer

We are a professional LED landscape lighting factory and exporter in China, our products mostly include all kinds of outdoor landscape lighting, such as bollard lights, pathway lighting, led uplights, garden spotlights, flood tree lights, Inground lights, underwater lights, etc, you can get everything for your backyard or garden projects. Our faith is to provide one-stop products and services.

With 7 years of experience in landscape lighting, we have plenty of knowledge of manufacturing high-quality outdoor lighting for our customers. Most of the outdoor luminaires are all CE RoHS-approved. Moreover, We are committed to exceeding customers’ expectations in price, quality, delivery, and performance. Just inquire if there are any questions or requests for your projects. You will benefit from it

Best Bollard light Manufacturer & Supplier & Factory In China

Bollard lights are a part of outdoor landscape lighting, some people also call them lawn light it looks like a pillar shape and can be made of different materials, such as die-cast aluminum materials, stainless steel, etc. The height generally can be customized according to the customer’s requirements, the main height is 600mm 800mm 1000mm in markets. It is widely used for pathways, gardens, lawns, etc., or to be applied for driveway lights. As a professional bollard light manufacturer, we can design and produce modern LED bollard lights at a competitive price.

Led Linear Wall Washer Light Manufacturer& Supplier& Factory

LED linear wall washer, as the name implies, allows the light to wash through the wall like water. Because of its long strip shape, some people call it waterproof linear light or linear floodlight. Its technical parameters are roughly similar to LED floodlights. Mainly used for architectural decoration lighting, while highlighting the outline of large buildings or landscape objects.

Compared with the structure of an ordinary LED flood light, an LED wall washer can better use a waterproof and breathable valve to solve the problem of balanced pressure difference and waterproofing between the inside and outside of the lamp. At the same time, LED wall washers can achieve more abundant functions through internal components or DMX512 controllers. Dynamic effects such as gradual change, random flashing, jumping, color flashing, and gradual alternation. Because LED has the characteristics of energy-saving, high luminous efficiency, rich color, long life, etc., since 2013, other light source wall washer lamps have been gradually replaced by LED wall washer lamps.

Outdoor Landscape Spotlight Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier

Outdoor spotlights are narrow beam angle landscape lighting that generally is used for accent lighting to highlight the building or objects’ features. Its light looks like a straight line and it shines far away. They can do the surface-mounted installation,wall-mounted, or spike installation. Some people also call them Mini floodlights or Spike lights. For small power, generally used as pathway lights, for high power type like floodlights, often used for buildings or trees, etc.

Underwater Light Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier In China

Underwater lights generally need to be placed below the water surface, the lamps need to have the super waterproof ability, the waterproof level is at least IP68, and low voltage such as AC/DC12V 24V 36V 48V input. Generally used as fountain lights, swimming pool lights, aquarium lights, etc., can also be used on the ship. The light of the underwater light varies according to the specific use environment. Generally, the commonly used lights of the underwater light are blue, RGB, white, and so on. We are a professional underwater light manufacturer, factory, and supplier, that can provide the best quality underwater lights according to customers’ requirements

Best China Inground Lights Manufacturer, Factory, Supplier

LED inground light is also called underground light, which can be widely used in squares, gardens, and other landscape lighting.
The inground light adopts a 304 stainless steel body and tempered glass, and the protection level is IP65 IP66 IP67 optional. We are a professional inground light manufacturer, factory, supplier in China, providing the best quality led inground lights, with diameters of 42mm, 52mm, 62mm, etc., using Osram chip, CRI> 80, power is 1W/2W/3W/5W/9W/12W/18W/24W/30W/36W/48W optional. The lamp adopts a high-reliability power supply, good stability, PF>0.95, the input voltage is AC85-265V, and love voltage AC/DC12V/24V is optional.

LED Outdoor Wall Light Manufacturer & Supplier & Factory In China

Outdoor wall lights are widely used for outdoor building wall washer lighting, backyard, garden, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best wattage for landscape lighting as follows:

  • 9W-12W is the best for bollard lighting
  • 5W-7W is the best for pathway lighting
  • 30W-50W is the best for led tree floodlight
  • 50W-80W is the best for garden pole lighting
  • 9W-18W is the best for foundation lighting and underwater lighting
  • 24W-48W is the best for linear wall washer lighting for outside wall places.

Not exactly.

You need to have a low-voltage input power supply if your landscape lights are only working with AC/DC12V/24V.

You can work it with 110VAC OR 220VAC directly if your landscape lights are high voltage input such as 110V 220VAC.

Not exactly.

You have to consider if the LED bulb is working with your existing lighting fixture no matter what type of lead you will do replacements. If the LED bulbs are low voltage such as DC12V 24 input, then it will be working low voltage lighting.

The best load power of a transformer is 80%, which means that the transformer should reserve 20% of the reserved capacity. For example, for a 100W transformer, the power of the load LED lights is preferably 80Watt, then you can work 10pcs low voltage LED lights if your LED lights are 8Watt/pcs. The reserved 20W capacity will make the power supply run better and increase the life of the entire lamp system.

There are two main reasons why landscape lights are so expensive:

  • Expensive raw materials. Landscape lighting has to be a higher-level design and structure with a waterproof function, and the raw materials will be expensive for this.
  • Low demand. Generally, most customers only request low quantities for their backyard or garden. Their demand is much less than commercial lighting such as indoor downlights.

The best landscape lights must meet the following requirements:
1. Good appearance design, especially waterproof design must be precise. Prevent water from entering the lamps
2. High-quality LED chips. High CRI helps restore the true colors of the landscape. CRI’s Philips, Osram, CREE, or bridgelux Chips.
3. High-quality power supply. Whether it is a high-voltage or low-voltage landscape lamp, the quality of the power supply determines the life of the lamp to a large extent.
The famous landscape light brands include:
Philips bollard lighting.
NVC underwater lighting
CREE Outdoor lighting

Different outdoor places have different requirements for lumens, such as:

  • 500-700lm for pathway lighting
  • 1200-1800lm for underwater lighting
  • 5000-10000lm for garden pole lighting
  • 900-1200lm for bollard lighting