Hotel Lighting Ideas

As a comfortable and safe place to provide guests with accommodation and catering services, the hotel generally has a higher demand for lighting, and suitable lamps will greatly improve the comfort and luxury of the hotel.

Hotel lighting can be divided into indoor lighting and outdoor lighting from the general direction. Indoor lighting is particularly important. It includes many different areas, such as hotel entrances, lobbies, hotel rest areas, corridors, rooms, restaurants, banquet halls, toilets, Bathrooms, etc., these different areas have different requirements for lighting. Hotel outdoor lighting includes building wall lighting, courtyard lighting, road lighting, fountain lighting, etc. Below we analyze the LED lighting schemes and applications in different areas of the hotel from the types of lamps.

Hotel Interior Lighting

Hotel entrance

The entrance and exit need to use moisture-proof or waterproof LED lamps. If there is a ceiling, you can choose recessed downlights as the main lighting. If there is no ceiling, you can choose a surface-mounted downlight or Waterproof surface ceiling light. It is best to use a 3000-4500K for color temperature, which can make passengers feel a relaxed and warm atmosphere.

Hotel lobby

The lobby is divided into a front hall area, a service desk, and a temporary rest area. There should be a harmonious brightness contrast and excess in these three areas, making the entire space more fascinating. The specific LED light recommendations are as follows.

Front hall area. This area needs to be rich in spatial levels and is suitable for the use of LED strips. At the same time, a large crystal chandelier is installed to highlight the grade and style of the hotel, and anti-glare LED grid downlights can be used in some spaces.

Hotel Reception. This is mainly used for consultation, reception, cash register, and formalities, so the lighting should take into account the aesthetics and practicality. In the workbench area, it is recommended to use high-end table lamps with consistent styles, with anti-glare adjustable hotel downlights or recessed spotlights on the top, and the light is mainly soft.

Temporary rest area: It is usually just an area for passengers to rest or wait for a short time. The illuminance does not need to be too high, and 200lx is recommended. Moreover, due to the obvious differences in the passenger flow of the hotel at various times, we recommend choosing a dimmable lighting system to achieve energy-saving effects. At the same time, we can configure table lamps or floor lamps at the coffee table in the rest area to meet the reading and office needs of some customers.

LED Lights for Corridor

In the corridor leading to each room, it is necessary to install low-color temperature LED wall lights. The illuminance does not need to be too high, which is convenient for passengers to enter and exit and can better decorate the interior space of the hotel and increase the luxury of the hotel.

Hotel Guest Room Lighting

Guest bedrooms

It should be like home bedrooms, with rest and sleep as their main functions. Therefore, there is no need for overly gorgeous lamps and high brightness. The most popular method nowadays is the design of no main lamp, that is, no main lamps such as chandeliers and ceiling lamps are installed, and lighting is realized only through spotlights, downlights, lamp strips, and table lamps, and at the same time, use floor lamps with warm colors to increase the warm atmosphere. For the bedroom area, downlights or spotlights with a color temperature of 3000-3500K are the most suitable choices. The power is about 7W to 12W, and the illuminance is generally 50-100Lux. As for the local lighting such as vanity mirrors, desks, bedside, etc., table lamps or wall lamps can be configured, and the illumination can be set at 200-300lx.

Bathroom Lighting

Different from the bedroom, the bathroom fixtures need a higher color temperature. It is recommended to use 5500-6500K cool color LED light fixtures to show clean and refreshing. At the same time, the fixtures here need to achieve a waterproof level of IP54 or higher, and waterproof embedding is recommended. Waterproof Downlight or moisture-proof IP54 led surface mount ceiling lights. It is worth mentioning that because many customers have the habit of playing with mobile phones and reading in the bathroom, we can install a small spotlight at the first 30cm directly above the toilet.

Led Lights For Hotel Banquet Hall

This space is usually used for business meetings, formal banquets, etc. Therefore, for the hotel itself and the organizer of the event, the lighting of this area is particularly important. Since the overall atmosphere of hotel banquet halls and conference halls is formal and friendly, we recommend that the illuminance of this type of space should be more than 300lx, and the illuminance should be uniform here, without ugly spots and dead corners.
When guests or attendees judge the specifications of the event, they often judge the current class of the banquet hall first, and the decoration style can be better reflected by various large-scale engineering art lights. Such as crystal chandeliers, crystal ceiling lamps, artistic chandeliers, etc. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the coordinated use of point light sources and band light sources. It is worth noting that due to the large space of the banquet hall, the light of ordinary lamps is often not illuminated. Therefore, it is recommended to add an adjustable-angle spotlight in the gap of the crystal chandelier. It is suitable for choosing a low and medium color temperature of 3000-4500K.

LED Lighting for Hotel Restaurant

The lighting of the Western restaurant in the hotel needs to be designed in conjunction with the dining table and chairs. In the lighting design of the Western restaurant, while satisfying the basic lighting, more attention should be paid to creating a dining atmosphere to set off a warm and romantic home environment. Therefore, hotel restaurants should try to choose low-color warm tones and dimmable LED lamps. The lamp type can choose pendant lighting.

Hotel Outdoor Lighting

The outdoor lighting of the hotel basically includes the lighting in front of the hotel itself, the trail lighting in the hotel courtyard, and the fountain lighting.

Hotel outdoor wall lighting

The key period of hotel operations is at night. Therefore, the exterior wall lighting design has become an important factor affecting the success or failure of the hotel’s operation, and the beautiful exterior wall lighting effects are more likely to attract tourists to stay. The exterior wall lighting design of the hotel should be coordinated with the surrounding lighting design so that the lighting will not make the decoration design of the hotel appear abrupt. To avoid the abrupt and monotonous feeling caused by the interaction between the buildings and the environment. In terms of lighting design techniques, the main light can be used to highlight the core part of the hotel’s exterior wall, and the auxiliary light can be used to outline the rest of the hotel to make the hotel’s exterior wall light very layered. It should not only highlight the essence of the hotel’s exterior wall but also The overall image is shown. At the same time, master the direction and brightness of the light projection to express the texture and characteristics of the hotel’s exterior wall decorative surface materials. Repeated use of light in the horizontal and vertical directions of the hotel exterior wall can make the hotel exterior wall lighting rich in rhythm and hierarchy. Generally, DMX512 LED linear wall washer lights can be used to make the effects of lighting horse racing, chasing, and flowing water. Or use Narrow beam angle outdoor LED spotlights or outdoor wall lights to outline the overall outline of the hotel.

Hotel Garden Lighting

 Hotel garden is mainly used to welcome and send passengers to and from the hotel, and make it easy for them to enter and exit. Mainly use led bollard lights or inground lights, the color temperature is suitable for the use of warm light of 3000-4500K, or natural white light.

Fountain lighting

Some hotels will be decorated with fountains in front of the entrance. The underwater lighting of the fountain is different from general lighting. The various water poses sprayed by the fountain at night, coupled with the color rendering of the underwater lights, make the fountain more enjoyable. Before designing the fountain LED lighting, it is necessary to clarify the structure of the fountain or water body representation system, including the number of jets, the form and effect of water, and the geometric size of each effect. The waterproof level of the selected LED lamps is at least IP67 or above, preferably IP68. At the same time, the lamps need to use low-voltage input such as AC/DC12V/24V input. The best lamps are low-voltage underwater lights or in-ground lights. Suitable for RGB or 3000K Warm light color temperature.


As a complex building, the hotel contains different areas. Different areas have different lighting needs. The choice of color temperature is to play an important role in creating good lighting performances, and the choice and application of hotel lighting need to comply with the concepts of safety, durability, and flexibility, to enhance the overall luxury and comfort of the hotel. The entire hotel lighting project often requires more attention. It is best to choose a professional LED light manufacturer to provide related products and services, which will save a lot of cost and time.