LED Mini Downlights | Model: GR-DL-MI

GR-DL-MI series is a recessed mini led downlight, which contains two different aluminum housings. The smallest outer diameter is 22mm, the opening is only 18mm, and the power is optional from 1W to 5W. It can be used as high-voltage 110V or 220VAC input, as well as low-voltage AC/DC12V 24V. Can meet the needs of various manufacturers, widely used in cabinets, wine cabinets, Jewelry display cabinets, hotels, bedrooms, living rooms, supermarkets, offices and other places.

Material and finished

  • Body (housing): The radiator is made of pure aluminum, the forging process is completed, and the surface is electrostatically sprayed with matte white and gray.
  • Lens/cover: Integrated anti-glare mask. High temperature resistance, high light transmittance.
  • Transformer: Mini constant current isolated driver, 110VAC/220VAC 50/60Hz as standard version; The AC/DC12V 24V can be a option.
  • Light source: Bridgelux COB chips as standard, High lumens, high CRI. 3000K/4000K/6500K as common, but the yellow light like 2200-2500K can be customized.
  • Fixed Clips: Metal material, strong fixation. Easy and quick installation
  • Cables & wires: UL#22AWG cable with DC Connector or junction box.

Installation & Mounting

According to the size of the opening, make a circular hole in the ceiling, and then connect the power supply. Finally, push the lamp into the hole.

Electrical & Optical

  • Working voltage:100-265VAC 50/60Hz or 220-240VAC 50/60Hz.
  • Power Factor:>0.5
  • CRI:>90
  • Lumens:80lm-100lm/W output.
  • SDCM:<5
  • Efficiency:>83%
  • IP Grade: IP22 Indoor use
  • Beam angle: 24/36°
  • Working life:>50000Hrs
  • Working temperature:-25℃/+55℃
  • Color temperature: 3000K warm white; 4000-4500K daylight, 6500K cold white.
  • Compliance: CE RoHS Certified
  • Warranty:2/3/5 Years on demands.

Additional Options

  • Low voltage AC/DC12V 24V
  • Triac dimmable

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Models and Details

Order modelWattageDimensionCut outLumensColor temperatureLight SourceCRIPower factorInput voltageDATASHEET
GR-DL-1WMIA1W±5%Ø38*H27mmΦ30mm-32mm80-100lm3000K,4000K,6500KCOB>90>0.5110-120VAC/220-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-3WMIA3W±5%Ø38*H27mmΦ30mm-32mm250-300lm3000K,4000K,6500KCOB>90>0.5110-120VAC/220-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-1WMIB1W±5%Ø22*H42mmΦ18mm80-100lm3000K,4000K,6500KCOB>90>0.5110-120VAC/220-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-2WMIB2W±5%Ø35*H38mmΦ30mm150-200mm3000K,4000K,6500KCOB>90>0.5110-120VAC/220-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-3WMIB3W±5%Ø45*H46mmΦ40mm250-300lm3000K,4000K,6500KCOB>90>0.5110-120VAC/220-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-5WMIB5W±5%Ø55*H61mmΦ50mm400-500lm3000K,4000K,6500KCOB>90>0.5110-120VAC/220-240VAC 50/60HzDownload

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