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Why us as your solar led street lights supplier in China?

GRNLED (Golumen and Eurolight) has been the top manufacturer, factory, and supplier of solar streetlights in China since 2014. We can help you win the bidding with our various municipal solar street lights:

  • Highest quality
    All materials will be top quality such as LiFePo4 battery, MPPT Controller, Mono solar panel, etc.
  • Competitive Price
    We have built a good relationship with our suppliers for raw materials, we can get it at a good price, especially for the 32650 LiFePo4 battery and MPPT Controller.
  • Warranty Policy
    We provide a 2-3 year warranty at most minuscule for Our solar street light, it is okay to customize a more extended warranty period if needed.


Can’t you find what you request?

Just tell me your detailed requirements, the best solution will be provided

Details for Solar-Powered Street Lighting

As a professional solar street light manufacturer, we can provide different types and different functions for all-in-one solar street lamps, such as adjustable, hybrid solar street lights, motion sensor types, time control solar street lighting, etc. It is available to provide other accessories for a solar street light system such as a foundation cage, street light pole, cables, etc. These solar street lights can be widely used as garden lighting, roadway lighting, pathway lights, etc.

LumensEquivalent Wattage
(led street light)
Installation height(m) Voltage Duration
3000lm 30W4-5m3.2V or 12.8V3-5Raining days
4000lm40W5-6m 3.2V or 12.8V 3-5Raining days
5000lm50W6-7m 3.2V or 12.8V 3-5Raining days
6000lm60W6-7m 3.2V or 12.8V 3-5Raining days
8000lm80W6-7m 3.2V or 12.8V 3-5Raining days
10000lm100W7-8m 3.2V or 12.8V 3-5Raining days
12000lm120W8-10m 3.2V or 12.8V 3-5Raining days
15000lm150W10-12m 3.2V or 12.8V 3-5Raining days

Split all in two solar street light installation steps

All in one integrated solar street lamps installation steps

There are mainly 3 installation joints for all in one solar street lighting.

  1. Install horizontally on the light pole arm.
  2. Vertical 90° directly mounted on the top of the light pole
  3. Hoop installation.

The first/second is easy to do the installation. You can check here for hoop installation steps.


  • Roadway lighting
  • Paths way lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • driveway lighting
  • Parking lots lighting
  • High-mast lighting

Just email us if you have any detailed requirements or questions for solar street lights, such as battery types, battery capacity, solar panel/controller types, etc.

Why solar-led street lights?

Solar street light is a new type of road lighting. It uses crystalline silicon solar panels for power supply, maintenance-free valve-controlled sealed batteries or lithium batteries to store electrical energy, ultra-bright LED lamps as light sources, and is controlled by an intelligent charge and discharge controller. It will bring so many benefits.

  • Energy saving
    Convert solar energy into electric energy to drive LED street lights to work. Solar energy is inexhaustible.
  • Wider application
    The off-grid solar street lights have the autonomy and flexibility of power supply, and they can supply power normally even in remote areas without electricity.
  • Safety
    Solar street lights use 12-36V solar panels for power supply, which will not cause electric shock accidents and are safer to use.
  • Less comprehensive investment
    The solar street light system does not require matching power equipment, can realize fully automatic control, does not require personnel management, and has low operation and maintenance costs.

Structure of one solar-led street light

  1. Body. In the market, the main body of solar street lights is generally aluminum alloy, which has good heat dissipation, corrosion resistance, and aging resistance. However, in order to reduce costs, some suppliers are also producing and selling integrated solar streetlights with plastic shells.

2. Lithium Battery. Integrated solar street light systems generally use lithium batteries as energy storage equipment. Lithium batteries are divided into ternary lithium batteries and lithium iron phosphate batteries(LiFePo4 battery), they have their own advantages and disadvantages, according to the different intentions of customers to choose. Ternary lithium batteries are generally cheaper, while lithium iron phosphate batteries are more stable in quality, more resistant to high temperatures, do not easy to catch fire or explode, and are more suitable for use in high-temperature areas. From the experiences, the critical point of solar street light quality is decided by the battery, and its cost is also more expensive than other parts.

3. Controller. Most solar streetlights on the market use PWM controllers, which are relatively cheap and stable in quality. With the continuous development of technology, more and more customers use MPPT controllers, which have higher conversion efficiency.

4. Sensor device. For integrated solar street lamps, the sensor device generally includes photocells, motion sensors, or radar sensors. The photocell is original for every solar light type.

5. Solar Panel.Poly solar panels and Mono solar panels are optional. Polytype is cheaper than Monotype, but the efficiency is lower than Mono. Their lifetime can last 20-30 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best solar street lights must be with high quality and stable Lithium batteries such as LiFePo4 26650,32650 and a good quality controller such as an MPPT controller, the lifespan will be 2 years at least.

During the day, the solar street lamp is under the control of the intelligent controller. The solar panel absorbs the solar light and converts it into electric energy after the sunlight is irradiated. The solar cell module charges the battery pack during the day, and the battery pack provides power to the LED light source at night to achieve lighting.

Because solar street lamps are different from ordinary street lamps, they don’t need to use electricity. They are used by the sun’s energy to turn them into power supply lamps. This not only reduces the cost of street lights but also reduces the cost of usual maintenance and management. Therefore, solar streetlights have gradually replaced the streetlights we usually use.

Not exactly. It is decided by how much power(electricity)the battery will provide at night, it will stay on all night if there is enough power from the batteries.

Step 1. Make a solution for solar street lights, to know what battery type you request, Li-battery, or GEL battery; and how much power is for the solar panel, and controller, etc.

Step 2. Purchasing the above raw materials.

Step 3. Assemble

You can check the PDF file for production process