CCT Color Changing Led Downlights | Model: GR-DL-ZS

GR-DL-ZS is an embedded intelligent CCT color-changing led downlights, with a Zigbee version 3.0 smart led driver. It can be compatible with devices such as Google Assistant, AMAZON Alexa, TUYA, WIFI, etc. With the main controller, remote control and voice control can be realized. The color temperature will be changing rang from 3000K to 6500k. Deep reflectors also provide a better lighting performance. It is the best choice to work with smart downlights or magnetic rail light systems for residential lighting or commercial lighting.

Material & Finished

  • Heat sink: Die-cast aluminum, matt black finished. Rotate 360° horizontally, and adjust 30° horizontally.
  • Outer frame: Round shape, aluminum trim, white powder coated.
  • Reflector: High-temperature resistant reflector cup, a variety of colors are available (white, bright black, gold, silver).
  • LED Driver: Intelligent Zigbee 3.0 version led power supply, High-precision components, compatible with a variety of equipment, perfect intelligent control scheme.
  • LED Chips: Bridgelux/CREE/CITIZEN COB LED Chips, high RA, high lumens. dual color changing from 3000K to 6500k.
  • Recessed clips: Strong metal springs, easy to do the embedded installation into the ceiling.
  • Cable: UL#22 cable with fast connector, easy to do the wiring.

Installation and Mounting

Fix the plate to the ceiling with screws (not supplied). Connect the supply cable to the fast connector. The whole lights should be working with a Gateway with WIFI.

Electrical & Optical

  • Input voltage:100-265VAC 50/60Hz or 220-240VAC 50/60Hz.
  • Power Factor: >0.92
  • CRI(Ra):>90
  • Lumens:90lm-100lm/W output.
  • SDCM:<3
  • Efficiency:>88%
  • IP Rating: IP22 Indoor use
  • IK Rating: IK07
  • Color temperature: 3000K Warm white & 6500K Cool white dual colors.
  • Beam angle: 24/36°
  • Lifetime:>50000Hrs
  • Working temperature:-25℃/+55℃
  • Compliance: CE RoHS Certified
  • Warranty:2/3Years.

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Models and Details

Order modelWattageDimensionCut OutLumensColor temperatureUGRCRI(Ra)Input voltageDATASHEET
GR-DL-5WZS5W±5%Φ63*H70mmΦ55mm400-500lm3000K&6500K dual colors<15>90110-120V/220-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-7WZS7W±5%Φ85*H70mmΦ75mm600-700lm3000K&6500K dual colors<15>90110-120V/220-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-10ZS10W±5%Φ85*H70mmΦ75mm900-1000mm3000K&6500K dual colors<15>90110-120V/220-240VAC 50/60HzDownload
GR-DL-15WZS15W±5%Φ110*H85mmΦ95mm1300-1500lm3000K&6500K dual colors<15>90110-120V/220-240VAC 50/60HzDownload

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