Store Lighting

Experimental psychologist Chiritra has done a famous psychological experiment on the sources of information obtained by humans: What are the main ways for humans to obtain information? He confirmed through a large number of experiments: 83% of the information obtained by humans comes from sight, 11% from hearing, 3.5% from smell, 1.5% from touch, and 1% from taste. 

When you enter a store, the lighting plays a crucial role in shaping your perception. Designers use lighting to guide your attention and highlight what the store wants to showcase. To achieve effective lighting design, a store must consider both the exterior and interior lighting aesthetics. Beyond conveying the store’s brand identity and characteristics, the primary goal is to create a lighting ambiance that makes customers feel comfortable and entices their desire to explore and make purchases. That’s why, even during daytime shopping, you’ll notice that most stores have their lights turned on.

What types of lighting are used in a retail store?

Retail stores employ various types of lighting to create a visually appealing and functional shopping environment. Here are 3 common types of lighting used in retail stores

Basic Lighting: Its purpose is to meet the basic lighting needs of the space, so that the shop can have basic activities during the night or in low-light conditions.When used in the design with main light, common fixtures for basic lighting include ceiling lights, pendant lights, and flat panel lights. If applied to a design without main lights, basic lighting can be provided by fixtures that serve as alternatives to the main light source, such as recessed downlight lights or magnetic track lights.

Led Panel Light 600x600

600×600 Backlit Led Panel Light 36W 40W 48W 60W

Smart dimmable magnetic track light

Magnetic Track Lighting

low glare downlights

Anti Glare Led Downlights 2.5″-8″ IP54

Two wires 1 circuit track lighting COB 10W-45W

suggested basic lighting fixtures for store

Achieving good basic lighting can illuminate the entire space, meeting the basic lighting needs of most people. However, when you open the door for business, the role of lighting goes beyond mere illumination. This is where the importance of accent lighting and ambient lighting comes into play.

After establishing the basic lighting, the next consideration is to identify which areas or locations require further enhancement of lighting effects or need to be emphasized. This is where the concept of accent lighting comes into play. Accent lighting involves specialized lighting for specific areas and objects within a space.

For instance, in a retail store, accent lighting may be used to highlight product display shelves or store windows, aiming to increase the appeal and draw the attention of customers. The brightness of accent lighting is determined based on the type, shape, size, and presentation of the products. High-intensity lighting is often used to enhance the shine and emphasize the appearance of the products, with brightness levels typically set at 3-5 times that of basic lighting.

To create a three-dimensional effect and enhance the texture of the products, directional lighting fixtures are frequently used to emphasize specific areas or features.

PAR30 Track light fixture

Par30 Track Light Fixture With E27 E26 Bulb 20W 30W

adjustable beam led track light

Adjustable Beam Angle Track Light 10W 20W 30W

3 phase Track lights

Integrated Driver LED Track Lights 2 circuit/3 Phase/1 circuit

Gimbal downlights

Gimbal LED Downlight 3’/4’/5’/6 INCH

suggested accent lighting fixtures for shop

With basic lighting and accent lighting in place, you can effectively create an artistic effect of “contrasting light and shadow,” resulting in a layered and sophisticated lighting environment in the store. However, if you have even higher expectations for your lighting design, then ambient lighting must be included.

To enhance the interior décor, elevate the spatial aesthetics, and create a specific ambiance, decorative lighting is often employed. Typically, this involves a series of lighting fixtures with unified patterns, such as decorative pendant lights, wall sconces, or LED strip lights. This approach helps maintain a complex yet organized interior, render the indoor environment atmosphere, and better express spatial art with strong personality.

It’s important to note that decorative lighting should only serve as independent decorative elements, can not be used as basic lighting or focal lighting. Otherwise, crafted lighting effect can be destroyed.

Linear LED Strip Light Flush/Surface Mounted

Outdoor Wall Mounted Lights GU10 /COB 5W 10W

outdoor adjustable wall lights

Adjustable Outdoor Wall Lights White/Black

suggested decorative lighting fixtures for shop

All of the above-mentioned products are available in our product range. If you have a sufficient budget, we recommend considering dimmable lighting fixtures.

Dimmable LED shop lights offer various advantages, making them a game-changer in the field of retail store lighting. From energy efficiency and extended lifespan to enhanced product presentation and improved customer experiences, these lights provide a flexible and cost-effective lighting solution. Dimming controls allow retailers to adjust lighting brightness throughout the day, creating different atmospheres for morning, afternoon, and evening shopping. This offers flexibility and energy savings.

Therefore, if you wish to illuminate your store and create a truly shining shopping environment, consider switching to dimmable LED shop lights—it’s a smart investment worth considering.

led panel light 1200 x 300

3CCT DALI 0-10V Dimmable Led Panel Light Custom Size

LED Track Lighting DALI Dimmable/0-10V/Triac Dim

Triac phases dimmable downlights

Triac Phase/0-10V DALI Dimmable Led Downlights

Dimmable led floodlights

Dimmable Led Flood Lights DALI/0-10V 50W-200W

Why led track lights and recessed downlight fixtures?

 Track lights and downlights are widely used for stores like retail, clothing, shoes, grocery, coffee, jewelry ..and so on. Led strip, wall lights, and floor lamps are used for decoration.

Track lights are typical modern genre lighting with no overhead lighting. They can create a good indoor lighting atmosphere. If a row of small track lights is combined, the light can change into wonderful patterns. Since the small light can freely change the angle, the effect of the combined lighting is also ever-changing. Its soft, graceful and luxurious light can be used for local lighting to enhance the atmosphere. The real meaning of lighting sales is to show the most beautiful effects of products and to give customers useful advice. Besides, it is best to make the track rail on the ceiling in advance, so that the lights can be moved at will, and the rail lights itself can rotate 360  degrees, no matter where the goods are placed in the future, they can be illuminated wonderfully.

The design of the LED downlight is beautiful and lightweight. It can maintain the overall unity and perfection of the architectural decoration during installation without destroying the lights. The light source is hidden inside the architecture, without glare, and the human visual effect is soft and uniform. Really only see the light but not the lamp.

6 Essential Retail Store Lighting Design Guidelines

  • The lighting settings should be consistent with the overall image of the store
  • The lighting design should firstly consider the customer. Strong lighting can make the eyes feel tired, so avoid using it
  • The lighting intensity reflects the taste of the store, the more high-leveled the store is, the softer the light.
  • The wall illuminance should be enhanced, while other parts should be weakened so that the background color of the wall is prominent, and the individuality and characteristics of goods can be fully shown.
  • The lighting layout must have a sense of hierarchy. Different locations should be set with different lighting levels, such as window products, the window lighting must be brighter than the lights in the store so that you can focus on the main products of the store so the pedestrians know what you are selling easily.
  • The color temperature of the light should be appropriate. The blue light gives people a very cold, psychedelic feeling, and the yellow light gives people a warm feeling. The combination of cold and warm is the most suitable for any kind of store. If it is all cold light (that is, the white light you usually see), although the store is bright, it feels pale and not warm enough. Warm light can neutralize the feeling of pale white, and the irradiated goods will look more shining and moving. Clothing stores and shoe stores often use 4000K warm white light. A few use 3000K light. 

Details of using lights in different locations in your store

Signboard Lighting: the bright and eye-catching signs are generally achieved through the decoration of neon lights. The neon lights not only illuminate the signs but also increase the visibility of the shop at night. At the same time, it can create a lively and cheerful atmosphere. The decoration of neon lights must be novel and unique and can be designed in various shapes and colors. In order to make the signs eye-catching, the lighting colors are generally monochromatic and strong red, green, white, etc., highlighting the requirements of simplicity, brightness, and eye-catching.

Showcase Lighting: the brightness of the shop window must be 2~4 times higher than store inner lighting, but too strong light should not be used, and the contrast between light colors should not be too large. The movement, exchange, and flicker of the light should not be too fast or too intense, otherwise, customers will be dazzled and cause uncomfortable feelings. Soft and emotional lighting is required. At the same time, decorative lighting such as downlights and chandeliers are used to emphasize the characteristics of goods, and to give people a good impression.

Exterior Lighting: Generally, use wall lights and neon lights to decorate the street in front of the store or on the walls around the store, mainly to render and enhance the atmosphere.

Interior Lighting: direct and semi-direct lighting: Direct light has high intensity and high efficiency, and it is easy to form obvious shadows. therefore, the contrast is strong, which is a dynamic lighting method and has the best effect on shiny products. Semi-indirect and indirect lighting: The lighting efficiency is low, but the light is soft and the contrast is small. It can be used to create a brisk, soothing, or hazy, gentle mood, suitable for elegant products or underwear products

Don’t save money on shop decoration, you will eventually get more profits because of the high level of your shop. Wish you a prosperous business. If you are still not sure how to use lights in your shop. Contact us.