LED Batten Light SMD(2ft 4ft 5ft 8ft)

  • SMD led chips instead of T8 LED Tube light
  • PF>0.9 3.Good quality constant current driver, free flicker
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Working life 50000Hrs
  • Competitive price
  • Emergency kits available 1hrs,2hrs,3hrs duration
  • PC Cover and stainless steel clips
  • Model: GR-TPD-XXW

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ModelPowerDimensionLumensEquivalant to old light
GR-TPS-2F9B9WL665*W86*H73mm900lm1x18W fluorescent tube type
GR-TPS-4F18B18WL1265*W86*H73mm1800lm1x36W fluorescent tube type
GR-TPS-5F22B22WL1566*W86*H73mm2200lm1x45W fluorescent tube type
GR-TPD-2F18B18WL665*W118*H73mm1800lm2x9W fluorescent tube type
GR-TPD-4F36B36WL1265*W118*H73mm3600lm2x36W fluorescent tube type
GR-TPD-5F44B44WL1566*W118*H73mm4400lm2x45W fluorescent tube type

Just Inquiry us if there are any requirements or questions for this led batten light. We also have other types of led batten such as slim batten light, LED Tube batten, etc
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This led batten light is mainly with SMD Chips on PCB instead of T8 led tube lights. it will improve and increase the lighting efficiency, lumens output. It will be easier and better to do a led batten emergency, in SMD type case, it is ok for it to do a full power emergency.

  • ABS OR PC Bottom body and rubber ring waterproof parts. It is not easy to break when folded 180 degrees. For the Cover, we use PC materials.
  • The lamp made of PC material is the best material style. If you step on the lamp with feet, it will not crack and be durable; but the transparency is slightly less than PS, and the lampshade of PS is very tough, which is not as good as PC material, easy to aging, but its transparency is good and bright. At present, the Waterproof LED Batten luminaires on the market are ABS + PS or ABS + PC
  • Using famous driver.isolated type,free flicker
  • PC Clips and stainless steel clips optional


  • Strong design: waterproof, dustproof, and anticorrosive IP65, impact Ik07. It can be used in humid and complex environments, so sometimes people also call it tri-proof lighting.
  • Light effect of the product. Using Samsung SMD chips, the light efficiency reaches 100 LM / W, which can save more than 60% energy than the traditional batten light fixture.
  • Reliable quality. 30000 hrs aging test. The life span is more than 10 years
  • Convenient installation: support surface installation and suspension installation
  • The cover is PC stripe diffusion cover or frosted cover, Anti-glare, with high light transmittance, V0 fire resistance, UV resistance, and no radiation


1. Suspension installation: 
suspension installation is mainly applicable to places with very high height and a wide range of lighting requirements. During installation, the lifting adapter plate is fixed on the led batten lights with bolts, the cable is connected to the lamp fixture and then the G3 / 4 pipe thread of the lamp and the wiring steel pipe with standard G3 / 4 pipe thread are screwed together.
2. Surface installation:
It is the main installation way in markets. According to the installation hole size of lamps, the corresponding installation bolt holes shall be made at the installation position of lamps, and then they shall be installed and fixed with bolts.

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