Football, one of the most beloved sports in the world today, has hundreds of millions of fans. When constructing a football field, in addition to considering the venue’s design and the turf’s quality, the lighting system’s design is also essential. A scientifically reasonable lighting system can not only ensure the visual health of athletes and spectators but also enhance the overall image of the stadium. Therefore, when designing outdoor football field lighting, it is necessary to strictly follow relevant requirements to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the lighting system.

Football Field Lighting Standards

Lighting Layout

The lighting layout for football fields mainly includes two methods: four-corner lighting and side lighting.

Light pole installation positions

The installation positions of the light poles must be at least outside the contact area formed by a 10° angle from the center point of the goal line and a 5° angle from the midpoint of the sideline.

The Height of Light Pole

To create uniform lighting, the height of the light fixture installation should be determined based on the boundary area where it can project light onto adjacent lighting zones.

To minimize glare, the angle between the center point of the football field and the light poles should not be less than 25 degrees.

In addition to the four-corner lighting method, popular side lighting methods include configurations with 4 poles, 6 poles, and 8 poles.

The installation positions of side lighting system light poles

It should be positioned at least 10° on either side of the goal line, allowing goalkeepers to have a clear view from goalposts to corner flags.

Installation height of side lighting poles

The angle between the lowest point of the light fixtures on the pole and the parallel point on the field’s centerline corresponding to the pole should not be less than 25 degrees.

Lighting Layout Analysis

The lighting layout of a football field needs to be arranged according to the size of the field and the required illuminance levels. Football fields can be divided into different sizes :

  • 5-a-side football field ( Reference size: Length 40m, Width 20m)
  • 7-a-side football field (Reference size: Length 65m, Width 45m)
  • 11-a-side football field(Reference size: Length 105m, Width 68m . International competition standard size: Length 105-110m, Width 68-75m)
SizeLights Qty on each poleTotal LampHeight of Light pole
5-a-side football field2*200W/300W248-10M
7-a-side football field2*400W2412-15M
11-a-side football field6*400W7215-18M

Installation of Football Stadium Lights

Pole-mounted Installation

Pole-mounted installation involves mounting the light fixtures on poles, which are then installed around the field. This method has advantages such as low investment and simple construction, but its lighting effect is relatively poor and it easily produces glare.

Suspended Installation

Suspended installation involves mounting the light fixtures on steel ropes or steel pipes, which are then hung above the field. This method provides good lighting effects and minimal glare, but it requires a high investment, complex construction, and is inconvenient to maintain.

Roof-mounted Installation

Roof-mounted installation involves mounting the light fixtures on the roof of the football field. This method has disadvantages such as high investment and complex construction, but it offers good lighting effects and minimal glare.

Football Field LED Lights Control System

The football field lighting system should be equipped with a control system to enable centralized control and management of the lighting. The control system should have the following functions:
Timed Control: Automatically switch the lighting system on and off according to the match schedule.
Dimming Control: Adjust the brightness of the lighting according to the needs of the match.
Fault Alarm: Detect and alert any faults in the lighting system promptly.

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