What is a Linear LED Light?

Linear lights are generally composed of aluminum profile, power supply, and light source (PCB board with LED chips or LED strips with 3M adhesive). The standout features of linear lights are its modular design, allowing users to connect multiple linear segments to create longer lighting solutions that fit their specific needs. These lights not only come with various installation methods, but color temperature options, materials, lengths, and even power options. They can be suspended from ceilings, surface-mounted on walls or ceilings, or embedded in walls or ceilings. LED linear lights feature high energy efficiency and excellent light output, making them an ideal choice for illuminating corridors, offices, supermarkets, and other indoor areas that require consistent and evenly distributed lighting.

led linear with strip light source
high quality led linear light with chips on pcb

Best 9 LED Linear Light Manufacturer

Company NameYear FoundedWebsiteAdvantagesLocation
Greenriy2012www.grnled.comBest value for money productzhongshan,guangdong
ShineLong2010www.shinelongled.comBest creativeshenzhen,guangdong
 KYD LIGHT2008www.kydled.comBest serviceshenzhen,guangdong
MSD Lighting2009www.meishida-led.comBest Smartshenzhen,guangdong
Philips1981www.lighting.philips.comBest reputationEindhoven, Netherlands
Halcon lighting2010www.halconlighting.comBest diversityzhongshang,guangdong
Lightman Optoelectronics2012www.lightman-led.comBest customizationshenzhen,guangdong
Tangoo2011tangooled.comBest sellerfoshang,guangdong
Upward Lighting2009upwardlighting.comBest sustainable developmentshenzhen,guangdong

1. Best Value for Money Led Linear Light Supplier

GRNLED product line

Greenriy Technology Co., Ltd 

  • Low MOQ
  • Recessed/ surfaced/hanging installation
  • Dimmable options
  • pcb light source
linear pendant light

2.Best Creative USA Joint Led Lighting Company

Shinelong Technology

  • IP40 Waterproof, IK09 Protection
  • Beam Angle: 45°/90°
  • SMD2835 LED Light Source with Global Patent Protection
  • Aluminum housing+Asymmetric & Symmetric lens+S304 clips

3. Best Service Led Linear Light Manufacturer

Shenzhen KYD Light Co.,Ltd

  • Up and down led linear light
  • Size: W33mm H85mm
  • Length: 1ft,2ft,3ft,3.3ft,4ft,5ft,6ft,8ft,10ft
  • Profile color: Silver/White/Black
  • Dimmable: triac 0-10V; Dali dimming

4. Best Smart Led Linear Light Supplier

MSD Lighting

  • Slim led linear light
  • Power:80w
  • IP rating: IP44
  • Surface-mounted / suspension installation

5. Best Reputable Led Linear Light Company

Philips lighting

  • GreenUp Linear
  • 95lm/w efficacy
  • Slim body with high lumen output
  • grille linear light for layered lighting effect
  • top quality

6. Best Led Linear Light with Wide Range

ZhongShan Halcon Lighting

  • Wide Led Linear Strip Light
  • sensor control
  • Emergency kits
  • dimmable option

7.Best Customized Led Linear Light Manufacturer

Shenzhen Lightman Optoelectronics Co., Ltd

  • Suspended LED Linear Light
  • AC85-265V, 50/60 HZ
  • 3 years warranty
  • cuttable length

8. Best Selling Led Linear Light Company

Upward Lighting

  • Designed for office lighting
  • customizable shapes
  • 3/5 years warranty

9. Best Sustainable Development Linear Light Supplier

Tangoo Lighting

  • Anti-glare linear light
  • UGR<19
  • Size: 55*70cm
  • 80 degree rather than 120
  •  Transparent optics or diffused optics

Each of these companies has its unique strengths and offerings, ranging from product innovation and customization options to reliability, performance, and customer service. When choosing a manufacturer, consider factors such as your specific project requirements, budget, and desired level of support to find the best fit for your needs.

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