Modular Led Street Light 100W-300W| Model: GR-SL-B/01

GR-SL-B/01 series street lights adopt a modular light source design, each with 50 watts. The PCB circuit of each module is independent. If one of the led chips is broken, it will not affect the normal operation of the other led chips, which will greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the lamp. At the same time, the street lamp adopts the latest LED technology, which can save a lot of electricity and money while achieving high brightness. High-efficiency lumen output combined with stable quality makes it a perfect choice for municipal street lighting projects.

Materials and Finished

  • Heat sink (housing): The lamp body made of high-purity aluminum has excellent heat dissipation. After oxidation treatment, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-collision
  • Lens/diffuser: Polycarbonate cover, Anti-UV. High light transmittance reaches more than 90%, with strong sealing performance.
  • With wide and narrow light distribution available.
  • Using high-brightness SMD3030 Chips, highest lumens output, lowest light decline, longest service life.
  • Famous power supply brand(Meanwell/Philips/DONE/MOSO/SOSEN). High power factor, low harmonics, high efficiency
  • Stainless steel screws
  • 0.1²*3 input cable, High and low-temperature resistance, good insulation performance

Electrical & Optical

  • Working voltage:100-277VAC 50/60Hz or 220-240VAC 50/60Hz.
  • Power Factor:>0.95
  • THD:<10%
  • SDCM:<5
  • Efficiency:>90%
  • Surge protection:6KV-20KV
  • Working temperature:-30℃/+55℃
  • CE RoHS Certified
  • Warranty:2/3/5 Years on demands.


  • Roadway lighting
  • High-mast lighting
  • High-way road
  • Parks and squares
  • Parking lots

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Models and Details

Order modelWattageDimensionLumensColor temperatureBeam angleCRIIP RatingIK RatingWorking lifeInstall holeDATASHEET
GR-SL-100WB-01100W±5%530*300*85mm11000-14000lm2700K-3000K WW, 4000K-4500K NW, 6000-6500K CW70*140°>80IP66IK08>50000Hrsφ60Download
GR-SL-150WB-01150W±5%608*300*85mm16500-21000lm2700K-3000K WW, 4000K-4500K NW, 6000-6500K CW70°*140°>80IP66IK08>50000Hrsφ60Download
GR-SL-200WB-01200W±5%686*300*60mm22000-28000lm2700K-3000K WW, 4000K-4500K NW, 6000-6500K CW70°*140°>80IP66IK08>50000Hrsφ60Download
GR-SL-250WB-01250W±5%764*310*85mm27000-33000lm2700K-3000K WW, 4000K-4500K NW, 6000-6500K CW70°*140°>80IP66IK08>50000Hrsφ60Download
GR-SL-300WB-01300W±5%842*300*85mm33000-42000lm2700K-3000K WW, 4000K-4500K NW, 6000-6500K CW70°*140°>80IP66IK08>50000Hrsφ60Download

*Order Model: GR-SL-250WB-01 = GR-SL-B-01 Model for 250 Wattage.

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