Low voltage DC48V magnetic track lighting

Grnled (Golumen) brings extensive experience to the production and export of low voltage DC48V magnetic track lighting systems since 2017. We offer a complete system, including 48V magnet rail lights, as well as recessed, surface, and suspended magnetic track channels, along with accessories and integrated/external 48V drivers. This DC48V magnetic track light solution prioritizes safety, ensuring that even when the track or lights are powered on and touched, it remains secure. Furthermore, our system supports DALI or smart magnetic track lighting for enhanced functionality


  • Safe low voltage: operates at DC48v ,can be touched freely even when powered on
  • Magnetic Track Design: The system feature simplifies adjustments and repositioning of the lights without the need for complicated wiring
  • Dimming Capabilities: providing users the ability to customize the lighting intensity according to their preferences
  • Easy Installation: designed for straightforward installation,suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals
  • Versatile Luminaire Options: such as spotlights, pendant lights,linear profile lights and floodlights
  • Contemporary Aesthetics: With its modern design and versatile lighting options, low voltage magnetic track lighting adds a simple and stylish element to residential and commercial spaces

GRNLED offers the best price in the market.

Materials & Finished

Housing: Aluminum body for the tracks, and luminaires, matt white/ matt black finished.
Led chips: Osram SMD LED Chips, CRI90, 100lm/W, 3000K, 4000K, 5000-6500K.
Led driver: Built-in DC48V constant voltage power supply. Safe and stable in quality.
Diffuser/cover: PMMA reflector for spotlights, and milky cover for linear profile lights.

Electrical & Parameter

Wattage:6W 10W 12W 15W 18W 20W 24W 30W 40W.
Dimension: 220mm, 330mm, 300mm, 600mm etc.
Voltage: DC48V
Beam angle: 24°/36°/120°
Working life: 50000Hrs
Warranty: 2/3/5Years
Certificates: CE RoHS

These include recessed, trimless, surface mounted, and suspended installation for low voltage DC48V magnetic track lighting systems. You can download this installation guide here.

It is the perfect choice for residential lighting for the kitchen room, bedroom, living room, and dining room, and commercial lighting for offices, and clothes stores.

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