Recently years, with the rise of simple style, more and more decorations choose linear lighting. The linear lighting fixture can match different decoration effects according to different spaces, which can simplify the color and shape under the premise of meeting the basic lighting functions. Very creative and fashionable. In this case, the magnetic lighting system which combines all linear led lights emerges as the times require, and there is a trend to replace the conventional led track lighting and the conventional linear lamp in the future.

Magnetic led light is a way to attach the led lighting assembly to the track by magnetic absorption. Under the condition of a reliable power connection, it is more convenient to install and dismantle the lights assembly, and also convenient for daily maintenance and repair, and the power connection is stable and reliable. It can be flexibly matched with different types and quantities of track lights according to various requirements. If the power is allowed, it can be arbitrarily spliced to the track for use. A magnet track can support different led lights, so it can be used in a wider range of applications. It can slide to any position easily without any auxiliary tools. Different splicing methods are realized. It is the most popular for home lighting right now, especially the smart dimmable magnetic track light systems are the trend in markets.

  1. It can be equipped with different ceiling lights. Magnetic led light adopts a modular concept, which can be applied to many light source modules of the magnetic suction lamp, including downlight, spotlight, grid lamp, magnetic light bar, recessed linear lighting, etc. The light source can be freely selected and DIY can be used to meet the lighting requirements of different spaces.
  2. The number of light fixtures can be increased or decreased freely. There is no limit to the number of lamps and lanterns installed on the track. If the light intensity is not enough then just increase the magnetic rail lights onto a rail. If the brightness is too high, then take fewer led lights.
  3. It can move freely and adjust the angle freely On the magnetic track, the lights can move freely, and the lamp can be arranged freely according to the space demand. Besides, many of the magnetic led lights are adjustable angles, including the magnetic track spotlight, magnetic grille light, etc which increases the degree of freedom of light design.
  4. Low-pressure safety, no-touch hazard. Generally, the magnetic track lamps on the market are designed with a low voltage of 24V or dc48V. even if the track is always electrified, there is no danger from manual touch and the installation of lamps. Of course, there is a magnetic track light 110VAC 220VAC available in markets.

1. Compared with the ordinary track lamp, the magnetic suction lamp is more expensive.

2. Magnetic track is a relatively new lamp product. Carpenters and electricians may not have the experience of installing similar products. There may be installation errors, and the cost of early communication is relatively high.

Magnetic tack is also called the magnetic rail. It is the base and key part of the whole system. All the magnetic led light fixtures only can be installed onto it, and move freely. Mainly including surface magnetic track, suspension magnetic track, and recessed magnetic track light system which is the most popular in markets.

Actually, the magnetic track light is a system. So What kind of magnetic lights are included in the magnetic track light system?
1. Magnetic linear profile lighting.
2. Magnetic linear spotlights
3. Magnetic pendant light
4. Magnetic directional spotlight
5. Magnetic track spotlight
6. Magnetic floodlights of the above items can be produced by two input voltages, one is DC48V input, and the second is 110V or 220V Magnetic track lights. They are a little different in appearance

TypeLow voltage magnetic track light systemHigh voltage magnetic track lighting system
Input voltageDC24V or DC48V.DC48V magnetic lighting is the main one110VAC, 220VAC or 100-277VAC
Width of magnetic lighting trackOne is a diameter of only 26mm, the other is 36mm.Only 36mm track
LED power supplyIt has to match a DC24 or DC48V power supplyNo need for an extra power supply. There is a built-in driver in all magnetic lights. Just connect 220V 110v, Then working.
CostHigherLower than low voltage type
MaintenanceHard to replace the fault DC48V power supplier, especially for recessed installationEasy
SafeMore safety for low voltageDon’t tough directly for high voltage input

Actually, the key point is to know how to install the magnetic track, then it is easy to put into led lighting into rails once finished well installation of the track.
There are three different magnetic rails, so there are also three installation ways to finish it as follows:

1. Surface/Pendant installation
These two installations are easy, just using a screw to fix the magnetic track without opening any hole.

2. Recessed installation
For the DC48V magnetic light system, there are 4 steps on installation as follows:
Step 1. Opening 30-35mm in ceiling
Step 2. Put the track into the hole slot and fix the track with screws
Step 3. Cover the track with a gypsum board to block the wing edge of the track and fix it with screws
Step 4. Then plaster the plasterboard

If you don’t know how and what to buy for this system. you can check this Blog to know the complete guide.

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