When you are choosing an LED light fixture for harsh environments, Led tri-proof light must be one of your main choices. Why do i say that? Let’s start.

What is LED tri-proof light?

LED tri-proof light fixtures evolved on the basis of the traditional tri-proof light. The basic structure is a three-proof light shell + led light board + led power supply, which is one of the LED batten light luminaires. It can prevent dust and moisture from entering, and play the role of anti-corrosion, water-proof, and dust-proof by nano-spraying the surface of the lamp protective box. The Shell protection grade IP65, anti-corrosion grade WF2, IK rating IK08. Mainly used in those special places.

Application of led tri-proof lights

LED tri-proof lights are generally used in places with strong corrosive, dusty and rainy industrial lighting needs, such as: power plants, steel plants, petrochemical sites, shipyards, stadiums, parking lots, basements, subway stations, production workshops, etc.

Types of led tri-proof luminaires

  1. LED trip-proof luminaries with T8 LED Tube lights. This is the most common type of tri-proof light, which is mainly composed of a tri-proof light shell and T8 LED tube lights. It is further divided into Single led tri-proof light which is with 1pcs led t8 tube light and double-led tri-proof light fitting which is including 2pcs LED Tube lights. There are two type different models with different materials for this type.
  • Tri-proof led light with ABS bottom + PC cover. This is standard quality, mainly for high-quality projects, it will be a better performance in waterproof function than other types. And the PC cover is much stronger, and the PC cover is anti-UV, and anti-ultraviolet, not easy to yellow. Strong flexibility, not easy to crack, very suitable for long-distance transportation. Better fire rating, not easy to burn.
  • Tri-proof light with PS bottom + PS cover. Cheap price is the only advantage among different led tri-proof luminaires.

2. SMD LED Tri-proof batten lights. This is an improvement based on Led tri-proof light fitting with led tube light. the SMD Led tri-proof batten light mainly uses SMD LED chips instead of T8 LED Tube lights. Its advantage is that more LED chips can be used to Increase the brightness, and at the same time heat dissipation is better than T8 led tube.

3. Emergency-led tri-proof light with battery backup. This tri-proof light just adds a battery set on the basis of the above two tri-proof lights,

4. Motion sensor-led tri-proof lights. This is a sensor added to the ordinary LED Tri-proof light fixture, the common ones are the PIR sensor, and microwave radar sensor, commonly used in the underground parking lot. When an object moves, the luminaire will maintain 100% power and brightness. Once no moving object is sensed, the luminaire’s power and brightness will become 30%, which can better save energy.

Dimension and Wattages

TypeLed tri-proof with led tube lightSMD LED Tri-proof lightMotion sensor led tri-proof lightEmergency led tri-proof light
Length2ft 600mm/3ft 900mm/4ft 1200mm/5ft 1500mm/ 6ft 1800mm / 8ft 2400mm2ft 600mm /3ft 900mm / 4ft 1200mm / 5ft 1500mm2ft 600mm / 4ft 1200mm / 5ft 1500mm2ft 600mm /3ft 900mm / 4ft 1200mm / 5ft 1500mm
Wattage9W 13W 18W 22W 26W 36W 48W 72W18W 26W 40W 50W18W 26W 40W 50W9W 13W 18W 22W 26W 36W 48W 50W

How to do installation of led tri-proof light luminaires

There are mainly two installation ways for led tri-proof lights.

  1. Surface-mounted installation. It is the original installation way, there is a set of surface parts for each luminaire. you need to use screws to fix it onto the ceiling or wall first.
  2. Suspended mounted installation. You need to buy extra steel ropes for suspension.

You can download here for the installation guide.


Led tri-proof lights are mainly composed of a shell, led driver, and LED light source module. The price of these three materials also determines the price of the entire LED tri-proof light luminaries. Depending on the quality of the materials in the market, the prices will vary greatly. Now we mainly analyze the cost of the main tri-proof lights of 4ft 1200mm 36Watt on the market for reference.

Shell MaterialsPS bottom + PS Cover at $5/pcsABS Bottom + PC cover at $8/pcsPC Bottom + PC cover $8.6/pcs
Light sourcesCheap 2pcs 4ft T8 led tube at $4.2/2pcs2pcs 4ft led tube T8 at $6/2pcs192pcs SMD LED Chips at $2.5/pcs
LED DriverNo-isolated driver built-in led tubeNo-isolated driver built-in led tubeExternal isolated driver at $3/pcs
Labor cost and other Excipient costs$2$1.5$2
TotalUSD $11.2/pcsUSD $15.3/pcsUSD $16.1/pcs

Generally, the sale price from different led tri-proof light manufacturers will have a little gap. The price above is just for your reference. Of course, the price will be different according to the order quantities too.

Contact us now to get official quotation with your detailed requirement. GRNLED is led tri-proof light manufacturer for more than 10 years. More than 50 types of tri-proof luminares are waiting for your choice.

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