Before we talk about why is led lighting better, we should know what is led lighting. LED is a led emitting diode. LED lighting is using the led diode as a light source to manufacture lighting products. The light-emitting diode is a semiconductor solid light-emitting device. It uses a solid semiconductor chip as a luminescent material. The excess energy is emitted by the recombination of carriers in the semiconductor to cause photon emission, which directly emits red, yellow, blue, and green light. On this basis, the principle of three primary colors is used. Adding phosphor can emit any color of red, yellow, blue, green, cyan, orange, purple, white, etc

Following are 11 advantages to tell you why is led lighting :

1. 50000 hrs Long Life
Long life time is the No.1 featured advantages of LED lights. LED bulbs and diodes have an outstanding operational life time expectation of up to 50.000 hours. This is 10 years of continuous operation, or 20 years of 50% operation. If you leave the led lights on 8 hours per day it would be used 20 years before  it broken.

LED’s are different to standard lighting: They don’t really burn out and stop working like a standard light, moreover the light decay of led lights is about  only 1% per 1000 hours

2.High CRI

The color rendering index refers to the ability of the light source to restore the color of an object. The higher the CRI, the more realistic the restoration. When you look at the clothes in the store it is beautiful, but they are not very good at home. The fruits in the supermarket are beautiful, buy them back the color is not that nice again. This is because the light CRI used in these places is relatively low, so not the highest CRI is the best . You should use different CRI led lights for different application. LEDs CRI can be 70-90RA now.

3. Energy Efficiency
Led is the most efficient, with an estimated energy efficiency of 80%-90% when compared to traditional lighting and conventional light bulbs. This means that about 80% of the electrical energy is converted to light, while 20% is lost and converted into other forms of energy such as heat. But traditional lights 80% energy converted to heat ,only 20% turn into light. 200w led lights is equivalent to 400w HID/HPS. Also led lumen can be 120-160lm/w.So you only need low power led lights to bright up your place.

From this chart your will know:


4. Durable Quality
Led lights are made with top quality chips, pcb,housing and driver,with impact resistance, vibration resistance and external impact resistance features,so can be used under very harsh environment like outdoor winter settings, snow weather, wind, rain or even external vandalism and freezer rooms .so there is no doubt led is the best choice for outdoor lighting like backyard,municipal lighting,road and street and park…

Moreover ,Greenriy led lights only use top brand raw material like Philips/Osram chips ,Meanwell/LiFud driver to offer the project level led lamps for outdoor and indoor lighting.

5. Design Flexibility
Compared with traditional lights ,leds are small ,they can be combined in any shape (round,rectangle,liner,square ) and  any kinds of lights (HID, HSF ,CFT ). There are dimmable led and smart led. You can control the light color from dark to bright ,or even red-green-blue-yellow as you like.Well-designed LED illumination systems can achieve fantastic lighting effects,for example , the good lighting in dinning room can improve your appetite for food. The light effect is not only for the eye but also for the nice mood . that is why modern people paid more and more attention to lighting design ,like hotel ,shops,supermarket to boost consumption .

6.Diversified installation methods

Each type of led light has at least two different installation methods. There are recessed and surface mounted led down light. For industrial led high bay,chain, hang, bracket and wall-mounted.

Recessed and Surface mounted
High Bay LED Installation

7. Eco-friendly
There are no harmful chemicals (Mercury) and led lights are renewable. saving even more energy in transportation, packaging, and maintenance when compared to conventional lamps. All this adds up to lower CO2 emissions, a win-win for you and the environment. 

8. Instant-on Lighting & Frequent Switching
The led lights can light up immediately when powered up, Greatly improved the accuracy of traffic lights.

Also, LEDs turn on and off frequently with no warm-up period like in the case of metal halide lamps. and doesn’t  affect the lifetime.

9. Zero UV Emissions

LED emits little infrared light and nearly no UV emissions. This means that LEDs are able to safely and reliably illuminate UV-sensitive items like art that will break down and degrade over time if exposed to this type of emission.

10. Safety
LEDs consume less power they can operate effectively on low-voltage electrical systems. This makes it safer when something goes wrong. Especially for the workshop where the machine is operated, comfortable and bright lighting must be provided to ensure the personal safety of workers, prevent accidents. UFO-led high bay lights and LED batten are perfect for workplace lighting. And because of high CRI, there is no harm to human’s eyes using led lighting.

11. Light Dispersement
LED is designed to focus its light and can be directed to a specific location without the use of an external reflector, achieving a higher application efficiency than conventional lighting. 

Having said so much, maybe someone is thinking these advantages have no substantial benefits for me. Seems yes. But the truth is : LED save your money

♥ You will save electricity cost every year based on less energy usage per lamp
♥ Since LED lamps can last over 20 years, you will save even more by using less lamps

Do you agree with those advantages of led lights ? Remember to use LED make the world more greener and save your cost!

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