According to data analysis on Qatar’s official website, Qatar will need to purchase approximately US$20 billion in lighting products by 2024 for lighting and supporting facilities in municipal projects, hotels, and sports venues. Some local engineering contractors often purchase directly from Procurement from Chinese lighting manufacturers.

The LED light manufacturers in China can provide one-stop purchasing services, covering indoor LED lighting, outdoor LED lights, LED solar products, etc., and can provide high-quality product guarantees (3-5 years of warranty service). At the same time, LED light prices from China are much cheaper than those of local Qatari lighting fixtures, which is very suitable for bidding on some large-scale lighting projects. If you have a specific purchasing list for your lighting project needs, you can contact them now.

Of course, some buyers prefer to purchase lamps from local LED light suppliers in Qatar. They generally have lamps in stock and can quickly provide products to customers. So below we list some local lighting suppliers in Qatar and the prices of related products.

LED flood light suppliers in Qatar

Al Salhiya Lighting Center was established in 1962 with its key vision to fill up the market demand for quality lighting products. The company concentrates on all kinds of decoration lighting, contemporary lighting, and LED floodlights.

LED flood light price in Qatar

LED Panel Light Supplier in Qatar

MEprojects India is a Mominsons group startup with a specialization in LED lighting, Inverters, Batteries, Solar Systems & Electrical contracting for Pan India Projects. With major Clientele lists in the Middle East such as Qatar Airways, Hamad Medical Corporation, WASEEF, Qatar Steel, FIFA Stadiums, Qatar Armed Forces, UCC, Al Mirqab FM, USACE, etc. our Supplies & Services are as listed below.

LED Panel light price in Qatar

There are different prices from different suppliers in Qatar, but mostly we can collect some as references as follows. you can contact a LED panel light manufacturer in China if you request a much better price.

LED Street Light Supplier in Qatar

CalixLighting is your go-to supplier for high-quality street lights in Qatar. Our selection of LED street lights is unmatched in Qatar, with a wide variety of options to choose from.

LED Street Light Price in Qatar

WattageSpecificationWarrantyUnit Price
50W LED street lightEconomic led street light 4500lm only. IP65. DOB driver1 yearQAR88.00
100W LED street lightmedium quality type, PF0.9, constant current driver, IP652 yearsQAR288.00
150W LED street lightCobra LED Street lights, 100lm/W, PF0.95, ip652 yearsQAR375.00
200W LED street lightadjustable street lights, Phillips driver, top quality, 120-140lm/W.3 yearsQAR525.00
250W led street lightTop quality LED street light with Meanwell driver5 yearsQAR598.00
300W led streetlightPhilips chips+ Meanwell/ osram driver 6/10KV Surge protection5 yearsQAR698.00
400W LED street lightModular street light, high lumens, and top quality5 yearsQAR788.00
The unit prices from online shops in Qatar

LED Downlight Supplier in Qatar

Established in 1979 as a retail shop in lighting, Al Shulah began to evolve to be a significant player in the State of Qatar contracting industry with significance in the supply and installation of various structures in terms of lighting solutions. Our group’s efforts in Qatar have continuously re-defined perspectives in services and technical support.

Led Downlight Price in Qatar


There are too many different suppliers for different LED lights in Qatar or Doha, but the unit price mostly is high. If you only request small quantities for residential lighting or own a home, buying them in Qatar is the best way. However, if you have a big project with bulk quantities of LED lights, maybe the best way for you to buy them from a Chinese LED lights supplier directly, the unit price will be much better.

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