LED recessed ceiling lights are lighting fixtures that are embedded in the ceiling or wall with downright lighting.Normally, when we talk about recessed ceiling lights, we mean recessed downlights or can lights—but recessed LED downlights are not the only type of recessed ceiling lights. Recessed flat panel LED lights and linear lights are used a lot in drop ceilings or plaster ceilings too.

GRNLED Top 3 Types of Recessed Ceiling Lights

Deep recessed led downlight
Flat panel recessed lighting
Recessed linear lighting

Today we only talk about LED recessed directional downlights, it is the most commonly used lighting fixtures for all kinds of indoor spaces. GRNLED offers hundreds of downlights with different sizes, shapes, and trim types for your choice. Here you will find all the options you can ever have imagined.

As a professional LED lights supplier, our long-lasting and high quality recessed lighting can cater to all the applications of indoor lighting like hotels, homes, offices, or supermarkets…

How to Choose the Right led recessed ceiling lights?

1.Know Your Lighting Needs
Before buying LED recessed ceiling lights, it’s essential to clear your lighting needs. Consider the purpose of the room, the desired lighting atmosphere, and the specific tasks of lights. This will help you choose the right light color, brightness level, and beam angle required for optimal lighting performance

2.Appearance and Style
There are square recessed lights and round ones. Although the design of downlights is generally simple and elegant, but there is still some difference among the thousands of downlights.In this era when everything depends on good looking, it is more important to choose a lamp that you think looks best. Choose what you like at first sight is the first step

Baffle Trim led downlight
Reflector Trim led downlight
Gimbal Trim led downlight
Eyeball Trim led downlight
Trimless led downlight
  • Baffle Trim is a part of the recessed light with a ribbed surface. The lamp light source hide behind the trim to minimize glare and soften the light, Therefore,black baffle trim led down lights are the most common used for task illumination, reading
  • Reflector Trim is kind same as the baffle trim. The difference is that the reflector trim is smooth, baffle trim is ribbed.
  • Gimbal Trim is a module part out of the housing. You can tilt it to adjust the light direction
  • Eyeball Trim is similar to gimbal trim, but their rotation range is smaller than gimbal trim
  • Trimless from the words, we know that there is no trim

3.Quality is the top priority
The main components of downlights are LED chips, drivers, and lamp cups. Pay attention to the quality of these 3 parts, you will not buy something too bad. LED chips are related to brightness and life, drivers are mainly related to stable current and life, and lamp cups are related to heat dissipation and sturdiness.
1.LED chip
We can not see the quality of LED chips with eyes, but we can know the quality from the lighting effect,(no glare with soft light). If the optical distribution of the lamp beads is unreasonable, it will cause glare.
The power supply of LED downlights is almost external. We can see the important parameters, such as warranty time, power factor, efficiency, crafts,etc
3.Lamp cup
Check the thickness, workmanship, and the material of lamp body. Aluminum is better. Of course, there are materials with better heat dissipation than aluminum, but they are usually expensive

4. Optical parameter
1. Lumen Lux
Light output is measured in lumens and determines the brightness of the LED recessed ceiling light. Consider the desired level of illumination based on the room’s function.There are relevant standards for illuminance in places such as classrooms and libraries.
2. Power Watt
Getting the right wattage of the downlight can refer to the floor height. For a floor height of about 3 meters, you can choose about 3w. When using the design without main lights, you can also choose 5w or even higher power downlights. If it is designed with a main light, you can choose 3w or 1w mini recessed led downlights. For a floor height of about 3.5 meters, you can choose about 6W, and for a higher floor height, you can choose 8W or even higher power.
LED recessed ceiling lights come in various sizes to suit different room dimensions. Measure your ceiling’s opening to ensure a proper fit. 2inch,3inch,4inch,5inch,6inch led downlights are available, usually, we say downlight size means the cutting hole diameter. Small recessed LED downlights are normally used for homes, high power of big size LED downlights are for commercial.
Pay attention to the color temperature, which is measured in Kelvin (K), Warmer color temperatures (2700K-3000K) create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while cooler temperatures (4000K-5000K) offer a brighter, more energizing light.
Generally, 4000-5000k is good for the living room. Since the application scenarios of the living room are changeable, it is best to choose an adjustable and dimmable LED downlight. In addition, because a lot of downlights will be used, attention should be paid to the consistency of the color temperature. If the color temperature is inconsistent, It feels strange, try to choose products of the same batch from one supplier.

5. Color rendering index
Believe me: if you care about the CRI, please don’t hold on to Ra, it’s just a general CRI. Normally, the LED lights only need to meet Ra > 80, R9 > 0, and the color saturation/color fidelity Rf/Rg is close to 100, which can meet your daily needs. If you spend a lot more money to pursue a high Ra, it is not necessary.

UGRGlare Sensation
28severely dazzling
19just acceptable
16slightly uncomfortable

As shown above: 19 is the critical value of the glare index. If the glare index is more than 19, then it is sure that the structure of the lamp is unreasonable. The smaller the glare value is, the smaller the glare hazard affect.

5.Consider Dimmability and Smart Controls
Dimmable LED recessed ceiling lights offer flexibility in adjusting light levels according to your preferences and activities. This feature allows you to create different moods and save energy when full brightness is not required. GRNLED offers you triac phase dimming; 0-10V, DALI dimmable LED downlights.
Additionally, as smart lighting is getting more and more popular,consider compatibility with wireless dimmers or home automation systems,we provide the top quality Zigbee smart downlight for those who pursue fashionable high-tech

Where is LED recessed lighting used?

Led recessed ceiling lights are widely used in both commercial and residential spaces for task lighting, decorative lighting, and area lighting. Following are the best downlights recommended according to the place of use

best kitchen downlight
best bathroom downlight
best living downlights
best hotel downlights
best office downlights

How to install LED recessed lighting in existing ceiling?

Installing recessed lights, you must have a drop ceiling, whether the ceiling is low or high, led downlights will do the work. Check the following video, you will know how to install recessed lights in new construction or replace the old lights.

1. cut a hole in the drop ceiling. Get the precise hole diameter from the supplier
2. wiring. Don’t reverse the positive and negative pole
3. Press the springs on each side, put the lamp into the hole
4. Finished and test

The Benefits of Led recessed ceiling Lights

These lights combine aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, and cost savings into one comprehensive lighting solution. By providing optimal lighting conditions and a visually pleasing atmosphere, LED recessed ceiling lights illuminate your space with elegance. And LED lights have an impressive lifespan, so you will save trouble from frequent replacements and maintenance.

Frequently asked question

Of course, please check our led downlight page for our full range of ceiling lights

The lifespan of GRNLED lights is 50000Hours with 5 years warranty. 50000÷12H÷365=11.4 years. That means using 12 hours a day, it can be used for about 11.4 years

The only disadvantage I can think of is cutting holes. If you do not have a drop ceiling, then you can not install recessed LED lights

Cut off the power. Connect the black (hot) wire from the power source to the black wire of the LED light using a wire nut. Connect the white (neutral) wires in the same way.

No, dimmable LED recessed lights are generally safe to use with ceiling insulation. Our GRNLED lights are with 5 years warranty. We only use Brand drivers like LiFud/ Eaglerise Driver and premium quality housing for heat dissipation.

Generally, spacing between recessed LED lights is between 4 to 6 feet apart. But suggest you to consult lighting professionals for specific recommendations based on your lighting needs and the specifications of the LED lights you use.

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