The important role of lighting design in the decoration of a barber shop does not need to be overly emphasized. A well-designed lighting solution can bring better visual effects and a sense of comfort to the barber shop. At the same time, it can provide customers with a better haircut experience, increase the number of repeat customers, and boost revenue. Join us as we delve into the art and science of barber shop lighting design, exploring how the right illumination can elevate the grooming experience.

Principles of Hair Salon Lighting Design

  • Utility ( Practicality is fundamental; it is the starting point and basic requirement of hair salon lighting design. It must ensure the smooth operation of various tasks in the shop. Depending on the needs of different areas or individual displays, light intensity should be adjusted, and fixtures with suitable light sources and intensities should be selected to achieve a contrast between light and dark. This creates a comfortable, prominent, and vibrant display space for customers )
  • Consistency ( The style of lighting must correspond to the overall decor style; this is a very fundamental principle. In barber shops, a generally adopted approach involves a simple yet professional decor style, complemented by lighting effects in various functional areas)
  • Economy ( The principle of economy includes two aspects: on the one hand, energy conservation, where lighting sources and systems should meet energy-saving requirements; on the other hand, cost-effectiveness, where lighting design should be based on practical considerations, choosing long-life, high-efficiency, and low-consumption LED light sources. Additionally, cleverly incorporating natural light is encouraged)
  • Safety ( When designing the lighting for a barber shop, it is essential to consistently adhere to safety principles, following the correct regulations and requirements. Choose reputable manufacturers or brands with guaranteed quality. Additionally, fully consider environmental conditions to prevent the occurrence of unexpected incidents)
  • Artistry ( In lighting design, arrange the illuminance appropriately and uniformly in task areas as needed. Adhere to the principle of ‘seeing the light, not the lamp,’ where light sources and fixtures should not be directly exposed. Avoid excessive brightness to prevent glare and potential damage to the eyes and three-dimensional objects. Fully utilize the lighting to showcase the spatial dimensions, layers of display cabinets, and the three-dimensional aspects of exhibits and decorations)

How to choose the right lights for a barber shop?

In the current trends of barber shop decoration, there are various popular styles, mainly including minimalism, industrial, classical European, and new Chinese styles. Once the decoration style is determined, selecting lighting fixtures that align with the chosen style becomes much easier.

Functional lighting: Led downlight, linear light or panel light are indispensable in a barber shop as they provide essential illumination for the entire establishment. When choosing lighting fixtures, factors such as the brightness, color, angle, and color temperature of the light source need to be considered. Generally, opting for softer light tones and moderate brightness can create a comfortable atmosphere, enhancing customer comfort.

Spotlights: Spotlights play a crucial role in helping hairstylists perform haircutting and beauty tasks more effectively, precisely illuminating the customer’s head. Adjustable-angle spotlights are commonly used in barber shop decorations to meet the diverse needs of different hairstyling tasks.

Decorative Lights: Decorative lights contribute to elevating the overall ambiance and visual appeal of the barber shop, creating a high-quality hairstyling atmosphere. Common types of decorative lights include pendant lights, wall sconces, and floor lamps. The selection can be tailored based on the barber shop’s decor style and specific requirements.

Exterior Advertising Lights: Exterior advertising lights provide effective support for the promotion and branding of the barber shop. These lights are typically installed at prominent locations such as the entrance or windows. It’s important to note that the selection and design of exterior advertising lights should comply with local regulations and requirements.

A common guideline for general lighting in commercial spaces is around 50-75 lumens per square foot.

Here’s a basic formula you can use to estimate the total lumen output needed for a barber shop:

Total Lumens=Illuminance Level(luxArea(square feetLuminous Efficacy(lumens/watt)

  1. Illuminance Level:
    • For general lighting in a barber shop, you might aim for an illuminance level of around 300-500 lux.
  2. Area:
    • Measure the total square footage of the barber shop.
  3. Luminous Efficacy:
    • This is the efficiency of the light source, usually measured in lumens per watt. For LED lights, the efficacy is typically in the range of 70-100 lumens per watt.

Let’s use an example:

  • Illuminance Level: 400 lux
  • Area: 500 square feet
  • Luminous Efficacy: 80 lumens/watt

Total Lumens=400lux×500sq ft×80lumens/watt

So, in this example, you would need a total lumen output of around 16,000,000 lumens to achieve the desired illuminance level in a 500 square feet barber shop.

Hair Salon lighting areasLumens (Lm per sq.ft)
general area( Waiting and reception)75
Hair drying200
Hair washing50
Hair cutting 200

In barber shop lighting, the primary color temperatures used are 6000K and 4000K, with additional ambient lighting at 3000K. A CRI (Color Rendering Index) of greater than 85 is a necessary condition to better showcase the true colors of hair. Additionally, it is important to use deep-cup downlight fixtures and anti-glare lighting to prevent discomfort.

Knowing how much money you have, understanding your expenses, as the saying goes, ‘spend within your means.’ Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If conditions allow, consider consulting with a lighting design company.

Detailed lighting suggestions for different areas

Cutting place

When designing the lighting for the barber’s work area, it is best to use a combination of mirror-front lights and overhead lights ( led downlight,led track lights, led panel lights, led linear lights with 6000K/4000K ) to avoid shadows on customers’ face.

Installation Height of Mirror-Front Lights:
Around the mirrors, incorporate internal lighting or install non-glaring wall lights between the mirrors to provide frontal illumination. When using wall lights as mirror-front lights, the center of the lights should be approximately 1600mm above the ground.

Installation Position of Overhead Lights:
Downlight lights or spotlights installed on the ceiling can be placed in positions both in front and behind the seats, with a certain angle of illumination to minimize shadows on the face

Washing area

The hair washing area is a place designed to help customers relax, so a color temperature of 3000K provides the warmest and coziest ambiance. Commonly used lighting fixtures for this area include water ripple lights, starry sky lights, and LED strip lights

Waiting /Reception area

4000K/3500K ambiance lighting create a welcoming atmosphere in waiting area. Pendant lights or wall sconces with a softer glow can add a touch of comfort, making clients feel at ease as they anticipate their grooming experience.

Highlighted area

Accentuate the unique design elements of your barber shop with well-placed LED track lights or magnetic track lights. Whether it’s highlighting vintage chairs, statement walls, or grooming product displays, track lights add a touch of drama and draw attention to these key features. 4000K color temperature suggested.

In the intricate world of barbering, the right LED lights can transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary. By carefully selecting LED fixtures tailored to different areas, you can ensure that every corner of your barber shop is illuminated with intention, contributing to both functionality and style. Illuminate your space thoughtfully, and let the perfect LED lights guide the way to a grooming experience that is as precise as it is stylish.

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