Led Lighting Definition

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting is a type of semiconductor solid-state light-emitting device. It includes all the components necessary for fixing and protecting the LED light source, as well as the circuit accessories required for connection to the power supply. The principle of light emission involves using a solid semiconductor chip as the light-emitting material. When carriers recombine in the semiconductor, excess energy is released, causing photon emission. This process directly emits red, yellow, blue, or green light. Additionally, by applying the principle of three primary colors and adding fluorescent powder, LEDs can emit light in various colors.

Lighting fixtures manufactured using LEDs as light sources are LED lights.The lighting design in the 21st century is dominated by LED lighting design, which fully embodies the development trend of energy-saving, healthy, artistic and humanized lighting, and becomes the dominant lighting culture.

Types of Lighting Fixtures

There are many types of lamps. Next, we will briefly introduce the kinds of lighting fixtures from the following three aspects

Based on the direction of light emission

  • Direct Lighting
  • Indirect Lighting
  • Semi-direct
  • Semi-indirect
  • Diffused

There are 5 kinds of lighting fixtures based on the lighting direction. For more, please read this blog : Indirect Lighting vs Direct Lighting

Based on lighting purpose

  • Basic lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Decorative lighting

Basic lighting: As the name suggests, it provides overall and uniform lighting for the entire room, determining the overall lighting tone of the space. Common light fixtures include ceiling lights, pendant lights, fan lights, and downlights.

Accent lighting: Its purpose is to emphasize and highlight smaller areas, such as artwork, potted plants, and other decorative items, to enhance the overall ambiance. Common light fixtures include spotlights and magnetic track lights.

Decorative lighting: Decorative lighting is generally used to enhance the variety and layering of a space, creating a specific atmospheric effect. Common light fixtures include light strips, wall sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, and standing lamps.

Based on lighting application

  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Home lighting
  • Industrial lighting
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Plants Growing Lighting
  • Medical lighting

Street lights: suitable for highways, urban arterial roads, viaducts, overpasses, squares, etc.
Tunnel lights : used intunnels, toll stations, under viaducts, etc.
Floodlights: are used in buildings, landmarks, sculptures, parks, docks, billboards, stadiums, etc.

Ceiling Light

As the name suggests, a ceiling light is a lamp whose bottom can be completely attached to the ceiling.
LED ceiling lights come in various styles and have a wide range of applications. They are often used in home lighting, office lighting, commercial hotels and other places. In home lighting, it is recommended to choose simple designed ceiling lights for easy cleaning.

② Chandelier

The installation height of the chandelier is very important. It cannot be too short, which will not only block people’s sight, but also make people feel dazzling. In home lighting, chandeliers are often used in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms.


Downlights can be divided into recessed downlights and surface-mounted downlights. The beam angle is large and the light is dispersed, which can provide uniform overall lighting for the space.

④ Spotlights

Spotlights have a narrow beam angle, concentrating light to provide focused illumination. Can be used in places such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and study in home design.

Wall scones

Wall scones are decorative lamps installed on the wall. There are various types and styles of wall lamps, and they are typically mounted at a height slightly above head level to avoid direct glare into the eyes. Commonly used in spaces such as the living room, bedroom, staircase, hallway, or bathroom.

Magnetic track lights

Magnetic track lights are designed with a magnetic attraction and snap-on mechanism, allowing the light fixtures to be fixed onto the track. There are various types of magnetic fixtures, including magnetic pendant lights, magnetic spotlights, magnetic grille lights, linear and more. Magnetic track lights offer the flexibility of free movement and versatile combinations, making installation and removal convenient.


Footlights are typically installed at a height of around 20cm from the ground and are suitable for spaces such as stairs, bathrooms, entrances, or corridors.

Floor lamp

Floor lamps are typically categorized as uplight floor lamps and downlight floor lamps. They are suitable for living rooms and lounge areas, where they can be paired with coffee tables or sofas to provide localized illumination and enhance the ambiance of the space.

⑨ Led Strip

LED strip refers to assembling LEDs on a flexible circuit board (FPC) or a rigid PCB board in a strip form. It can be easily cut and extended, allowing for the creation of various shapes, letters, and patterns. LED strips are widely used in industries such as furniture, automotive, advertising, lighting, marine, and bars.

LED highbay lights: Provide high-brightness illumination suitable for large industrial spaces such as warehouses and production workshops.
LED downlights: Provide uniform illumination suitable for workshops, production lines, and large equipment lighting.
LED floodlights: Used for illuminating large areas to improve visibility, suitable for outdoor industrial environments.
LED explosion-proof lights: Suitable for industrial environments with explosion hazards to ensure safe illumination.
LED linear lights: Long-shaped luminaires suitable for illuminating elongated industrial areas such as shelves, aisles, etc.

LED panel lights: Flat-designed lighting fixtures suitable for offices, malls, and medical facilities, among other places.
LED track lights: Provide adjustable and directional lighting, suitable for exhibitions, galleries, malls, and hotels, among other places.
LED spotlights: Used to highlight exhibits, merchandise, or specific areas, commonly found in malls, museums, and exhibition spaces.
LED downlights: Used for illuminating commercial spaces such as malls, retail stores, restaurants, and offices.
LED pendant lights: Suitable for places like bars, restaurants, hotels, and malls, providing good ambient lighting and decorative effects.
LED strips: Used for decoration and creating ambiance in commercial spaces, commonly seen in malls, hotels, and restaurants.

Underground/inground lights: have the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, easy installation, and long lifespan. They are used in places such as shopping malls, parking lots, and green belts. They are mainly buried in the ground for decorative or directional lighting purposes, and some are used for wall washing or tree lighting, offering considerable flexibility.
Underwater lights: are typically installed underwater, with a small and exquisite appearance. They mostly use 12V safe voltage LED light sources, capable of emitting various colors, creating a colorful and visually appealing display. They are commonly used in parks or fountain pools.
Courtyard lights :are mainly used in residential communities, tourist attractions, parks, etc.
Floodlights: evenly illuminate from all sides, creating a highly diffused light that produces soft and transparent shadows. Generally, LED floodlights with larger chips have better quality than those with smaller chips. They are less commonly used in home decoration but are often used in garden decoration or indoor lighting.
Wall washers lights: are mainly used for architectural decorative lighting and are also used to outline the contours of large buildings.

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