In recent years, minimalist design has become more and more popular among designers and homeowners, and lighting without main lights has quietly become popular. In the no main lights design, the arrangement of lights is especially crucial, magnetic track lights can link the ceiling and wall with a strong orientation because of their simple structure, and can increase/decrease the lights at will, with a sense of freshness and DIY design, so magnetic lighting system have become a key element of interior lighting solution, and are loved by lighting designers

What is magnetic track lights?

Magnetic track light is a kind of linear lighting fixture. Although it looks very “black technology”, but in fact, it’s an upgrade of the traditional track lights. It is made of luminaire lamps with conductive sheet and track rails with conductive strip inside, so when led lights and rails connected together by magnets, then power is on.

Before talking about price affecting factors, we should know the detailed components of magnetic track light system first.

Magnetic track lights System Components

  1. Track Rail
track rail

2. Magnetic lights

Magnetic light is a lighting system that can be freely matched according to needs. Generally, there are four types: floodlights, grille lights, spotlights, and pendant lights. The floodlights emit light evenly, improving the brightness of the space and offer the basic lighting requirements. The adjustable grille lamp can meet the needs of multi-angle lighting. The spotlight supplies focus lighting because of its adjustable angle, and the pendent light can realize the close-range lighting

3. Power Supply

There are external power supply and built-in power supply. You’d better think about where to put the external power supply before installation, reserve the power cord. Suggest to hide it in the inspection port for easy maintenance. The built-in power supply is directly placed in the track rail, connect to the 220V /110V voltage, quite easy for installation and maintenance.

4. Conner & Connectors

To DIY the track at will, corners and connectors are important accessories. Corners and connectors make the magnetic track lights system running up, around and across walls and ceilings

So, we can see the price of magnetic lights is affected by track rail, lamps and accessories, specific prices vary according to the materials selected. Price of the track rail is about 15-25usd/m, lamps are 15-30usd/pcs, we will offer all the needed accessories to you, you can open the package and use without buying around for any small accessories. Here we GRNLED provide one-stop service, so you can save time for buying without any trouble

Reasons for price difference

1.Aluminum Thickness (30% cost difference)

Our track is made of 2.5MM thickness, greatly improving the overall toughness. Some manufacturers in order to reduce costs, saving materials, use very thing track rail, which is easily deformed, so caused irreversible damage on the ceiling structure, maintenance costs are extremely high at last.

2.Track Rail Conductive Chips (40% cost difference)

We use thickened purple copper flat conductive strip with 99.9% copper, upgraded forging treatment, current is stable when work. Some manufacturers use circular conductors, small contact surface, there are spark when the lamp is moving.

3.LED Chips (3 times)

As we all know ,there are many chips brands in the market. The price difference is big. All our led lights are used with high quality and CRI>80 chips like Cree, OSRAM or Sanan. The lighting effect is natural and outstanding. Some manufacturers use quite cheap light source, although both can be light up, but the lighting effect and lifetime are as different as sky and earth

4.Paint Spraying Process (30% cost difference)

We use advanced technology to spray paint, strong adhesion, soft and textured color. And the surface do not easy to fall off. Some manufacturers only do the basic spray paint, the surface is rough and uneven, not beauty. The most important thing is the paint is easily falling off.

5.Accessories (5% cost difference)

All our recessed magnetic track rails are equipped with high-quality head and tail plug cover and dust protection cover. Some manufacturers are not

6.Power Supply (2 times difference in cost)  

There are DC48V external driver or built-in power supply (integrated) for your choice. Both are of three years warranty. Some lighting manufacturer will use cheap no warranty driver to save cost.

7.Brand Premium

When promote a product, famous brands will spend a lot of money on advertising. These costs are eventually added to the selling price of product. So the same quality of products. The price of branded products is much higher. Brands with high price or same quality with cost-effective price, your choice

Contact for light solution

The price of the conventional and dimming versions is different too. The dimming version of 0-10V and DALI need to put additional signal wires into the track. 2.4G, WIFI, Bluetooth and Zigbee is controlled wireless by the Tuya platform. Choose the best program according to your needs and budget.

Hope this will pay a little help to you when purchasing magnetic lights. If you have interests in it, contact us now at for more details and full price list.

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