Because of high efficiency, energy-saving, long life, high color rendering index(CRI>80), and environmental protection, LED high bay lights have become the best choice for traditional large-scale industrial plants, warehouses, stadiums, airport lighting, and mine. There are round UFO light high bay, square UFO, and rectangle linear high bay, the installation of different shape LED high bay lights are the same and very simple, even people without electrician knowledge can easily learn how to install.

1.Hang Installation Method:

1. Fix the hook where the LED high bay light needs to be installed in advance. Noted that the hook should be used in conjunction with the ring, and the load capacity must exceed 30Kg when installing the hook. The expansion bolt must be able to bear four times the weight of the lamp

2. Clip the ring on the LED high bay light into the set hook, and hang the lamp through the ring;

3. Connect the power cord from the scene to the power cord of the lamp, connect it according to the wiring principle of the lamp, and deal with waterproof and insulating things ;

4. Turn on the lights to see if they can work normally. After confirming the light is on, the installation is completed.

2.Bracket Installation Method:

1. Drill holes and drive in expansion screws

2. Hang the lamp and fix the screw nut

3. Wiring, adjust the lighting beam angle

4. After the installation is completed, a power-on test is needed. If some lamps fail to light up, you need to check the circuit or lamps. After ensuring that all lamps are normally lit, the installation of the LED high bay light is completed.

Notes before installation:
1.Before installation, the integrity of the LED high bay light and the complete accessories must be checked.

2. Determine the installation height of the LED high bay light
    According to the lighting environment, because the environment will change the reflection efficiency of the lamp. Generally, the height of the lamp should be above 5 meters, and the wire should not be closed to the shell of the high bay. If the conditions are necessary, the installation time is less than 3 meters, and protective measures must be taken to prevent vehicles from touching !!

3 . LED high bay light wiring
   The mainline to the lamp is connected by a flat hard copper wire, and one lamp is installed in 5 rings, and it is evenly connected on the three-phase line according to the requirements of load balance! For large-density lighting projects, the lamp housing is connected with a PE protective wire separately.

4. It must be required during installation that the installer has a professional electrician certificate. 

5.The wires on the LED lamps can be drilled through the holes and can be fixed with wire clamps through the wires behind the lamps. Make sure that the fixing is firm.

6.Make sure that the power cord of the lamp has sufficient length and not subject to tension or tangential force. 

7.The distance between the product and flammable materials must be ensured.

You may ask: How do you calculate how many LED lights do I need?
From this chart, you can roughly know how many lights are needed, and we will provide Dialux for the specific quantity.

1. The high bay led lights and driver must be installed in an open space, which is good for heat dissipation.
2. Clean the dust of the LED High Bay&diver regularly to ensure high output brightness.