I believe everyone has noticed that some LED streetlights ( cobra head led street lights or modular street lights )on the street emit yellow light, and some emit white light. In our impression, LED street lights in cities generally emit warm yellow light. Street lamps are emitting white light. Why is this so? In fact, the difference between yellow light and white light lies in the choice of the color temperature of LED street lamps, so what color temperature should be used for LED street lamps? Next, LED street lamp manufacturer GRNLED will briefly talk about this issue with you.

LED street lamps emit white light when the color temperature is around 5000K, and yellow or warm white light when the color temperature is around 3000K. In fact, yellow light or warm white light around 3000K is more suitable for road lighting, while the color temperature of LED street lights around 5000K is not suitable for road lighting. Because the color temperature of 5000K will make people feel very cold and dazzling, which will cause people’s vision to be overly fatigued, and under this color temperature condition, people’s ability to observe in the distance will also decrease, reducing the driving safety of drivers. In addition, in rainy and foggy weather, LED street lights with a color temperature of 5000K have poor penetration ability, which also affects the travel safety of pedestrians.

So why are there still many areas using LED street lights with this color temperature?

  1. When the early LED street lamps first came out, many LED street lamp manufacturers chose a color temperature of around 5000K, which has led to many manufacturers following suit.

2. Under the conditions of early phosphor technology, LED street lights with cool white light sources have higher luminous efficiency.

3. Today’s LED street lamps lack strict technical standards in terms of product specifications.

The above three reasons have led to the rampant use of 5000K color temperature LED street lights in the market, which is not a good thing for pedestrians. In short, the editor believes that LED street lights with a warm color temperature of 3000K have more advantages, and have more user experience than 5000K color temperature. To improve this situation, LED street lamp manufacturers should recommend warm color temperatures to engineering companies, and engineering companies themselves should change the old thinking of exclusive white light for LED street lamps.

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