Which Lights are Dimmable?

With the development of technology, there are more and more types and functions of lights. Do you know which lights can be dimmed? Are all LED lights dimmable? Following are some lights that can be made with a dimming function.

  • Incandescent lamps, halogen lamps
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Electronic low-voltage lamps
  • Inductive low voltage lamp
  • Cold cathode lamp
  • LED lights

Compared to traditional lighting, LED lighting, in addition to improving light quality, enhancing light source efficiency, and extending the lifespan of fixtures, offers dimming capabilities that allow for the adjustment of brightness and color temperature. This feature helps create various lighting environments and applications for energy savings, making LED lighting the mainstream technology of the 21st century. However, not all LED fixtures are dimmable. Below are some common dimmable LED fixtures:

  • Indoor Lighting (Ceiling lights, Chandeliers, Recessed spotlights, Light strips/bars, Wall lights, Bulbs and tubes, Desk lamps, Panel lights, Ceiling fan lights)
  • Outdoor Lighting (LED streetlights, Garden lights, In-ground lights, Tunnel lights, Landscape lights, Lawn lights, Wall lights, Underwater lights, Fountain lights, Stage lights, Light strips/bars, Traffic lights)
  • LED Safety Lighting and Fire Emergency Lighting Fixtures
  • LED Specialty Lighting (Medical tungsten filament bulbs, Helium-neon lasers, Digital tubes, Large screen digital displays, Shadowless lamps, Infrared lamps, Far-infrared lamps)
  • LED Special Lighting (Photosynthetic lighting, Automotive lighting, Medical lighting)

How Do LED Lighting Fixtures Achieve Dimming Function?

The principle behind dimming lights is pretty straightforward. It involves controlling the power of the LED chips. By adjusting the current that flows through them, you can change their brightness. Regular LED lights can be made dimmable by adding a dimmable power supply and a dimmer switch.

It’s best to go for a reputable brand for the dimmable power supply, like LiFud, or Eaglerise. LED dimmers come in various types, including knob-style, touch-style, and remote control. You can choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. Just make sure to match the power rating of the dimmer with that of your LED light. This will prevent any damage or flickering issues.

Types of Dimming

There are two types of dimming and color adjustment: multi-level dimming and step-less dimming. Most standard LED lights support multi-level dimming, which means there are several preset color temperature levels you can switch between. High-end smart LED lights support step-less dimming and color adjustment, allowing you to freely adjust brightness and color temperature. Some lights can even automatically calculate brightness and color temperature based on the time of day to simulate natural daylight.

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