12v led flood lights DC low voltage

  • Modular Source, easy to do maintenance
  • Philips 3030,120-140lm/W
  • IES File can be provided to do Dialux
  • Meanwell/Philips driver
  • PF>0.95, Surge protect up to 6-20KV
  • Working life 50000Hrs
  • CE RoHS 5years warranty
  • Original: China
  • Application: Indoor and Outdoor

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DC 12v led flood lights is safe, so it is widely used for marine, the fishing boat where there is water. DC12V 24V 36V 48V all are low voltage, there is no danger for human. It is safe even if there is electricity leakage. The best advantage of DC led lights is you can use the light everywhere you like, even there is no government supply power 110V or 220V. You just need a power storage device and our 12v led lights, then the light is on. Our floodlights are with solid stainless stand, you do not worry about the light area will change because of the flexible stand.

The formula for calculating battery usage time

Time = voltage X battery capacity (AH) ÷ bulb power

For example, a 7AH capacity battery, light up a 10W bulb: 12 (voltage V) X 7 (battery capacity AH) ÷ 10 bulb power W, if there are multiple bulbs, it is the total power

Sum) = 8.4 hours  (the actual time will be related to the degree of battery age)

Before you buy, please consider the area you need to illuminate and the capacity of the battery.

Here is a chart for you,so you will know what power of led flood lights is suitable for your usage

PowerLight DistanceLight AngleLight Area

As led flood lights are withstood, so it is quite easy for installation. Seated installation, you just put the lights where you want that is OK. No screw need. For wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted installation, just need a few pcs screws fixed as show in the picture.

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