high power led flood light 100w-500w

  • CE RoHS certificate
  • Freely design and print Logo on boxes or lamp body
  • LES files available to do Dialux
  • Meanwell driver 10 years lifetime
  • Philips chips 120-140lm/w
  • Cheap price but with satisfied quality
  • Isolated chip modular for easy replacement
  • Warranty 5 years

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This outdoor led flood light is the latest design in 2020 adopting removable modular with chips, easiest to do any replacements and External driver box is used to avoid direct exposure of wire rod which can greatly prolong the life of power supply and increase safety. But for someplace like marine or fishing boat, use this 110V led floodlight is still not safe. DC 12V floodlights may be a good choice, which is of low voltage, there is no any danger to human. For these high-power type floodlights, there are 100w, 150w, 200w, 250w, 300w, 400w, 500w for your choice.

LED Qty128pcs192pc256pc320pcs384pcs512pcs640pcs
Equivalent to HID/HPS250W400W600W800W1000W1500W2000W
Input voltage110V-277VAC  50/60HZ  DC/AC12V 24V 36V 48V available
Beam angle60  90  70*130
DriverMeanwell, Philips, Sosen,DONE driver available
CertificateCE  ROHS LVD  EMC
Warranty5-10years for differenct driver


1.New design for housing with external driver box .it is better to protect the meanwell driver,Avoiding wire exposed outside delay aging and improve lamp life.Meanwell driver/Philips /DONE Driver optional ,lifetime more than 10years.

2.Philips or Osram CREE3030 Chips, output lumens up to 120-150lm/W. Famous brand chips will be with a lower light decrease which is only about a 5% decrease after 10000hrs. lifespan up to 10years.It is the best solution to do any projects. And the color temperature is 3000K/4000K/6000K available the other CCT like 2000k-2500K is available to be customized. And there are 3 different beam angle optional60° 90° 70*130° available, it is widely used for different applications, for example, outdoor lighting with 70*130°beam angle can be used for construction sites, the one with 60° can be as stadium lights for the football field, etc.

3.All accessories are top quality, all screws are in stainless steel bracket is iron with black powder-coated.
The cable is rubber 2*1.0/1.5m². Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-aging. The bracket is 180° rotation. We pay most attention to details for our every led light especially for outdoor led lights where will be installed outside.


This led light is widely used for different outdoor sites. You need to consider their beam angle and color temperature when you want to choose any led floodlights. Different environments or areas have different requirements for the beam angle and color temperature of the projection lamp. It is can be installed onto the top of the pole to be street lights or led area lights in the parking lot, it is also can be installed at the tunnel as led tunnel lights or as led sports lights at the football field, tennis court, etc.
Now just share some advice according to our experiences
♦100W LED Floodlights for building,bridge ,tunnel etc
♦150W 200W LED floodlight with 90/70*130/120° 6000-6500k cold white used for a tennis court, basketball courts
♦300W 400W 500W with 60 °and 6000-6500k cold white application for the football field, 120/70*130° type mainly for construction sites
What is more for somewhere is generally a wet and foggy place, the color temperature is the best to choose
3000K Warm white which is the penetration of light will be better.

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