Downlighter Recessed SMD 7W-24W

  • Dimension:3inch,4inch,5inch 6inch 8inch option
  • Power:7W 9W 12W 15W 18W 24W Optional
  • Input voltage:100-265VAC 50/60Hz
  • Efficicency:87%
  • THD<15%
  • Power factor:>0.6
  • Color temperature:3000K-6500K
  • Beam angle:120°
  • Working life:50000Hrs
  • Warranty:2-3Years
  • An emergency kit with 90minutes,120minutes available
  • Triac/0-10V/DALI Dimmable available

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Downlighter is the latest recessed luminaire with excellent led technical lighting performance, recessed mounted into ceiling, just to check the surface type if there is no ceiling to be an open hole for recessed installation. It is available as well to customized different colors for an aluminum frame, also available with dimmable solutions and integrated emergency backup kits.


LED ChipsSMD5730
LED lumens90Lm/w
Color temperature3000K Warm white;4000-4500k natural white;6000-6500K cold white
MaterialsDie-cast aluminum+PC
Beam angle120°
DimmableNo.But Triac dimmable/0-10V/DALI Dimmable available if needed
Working life50000hrs
CertificatesCE RoHS LVD EMC


  • Design: High-quality aluminum is used as the main body of heat dissipation, coupled with a high transmittance PC Cover. The PC cover forms a step with the lamp body to achieve an anti-glare effect
  • Materials: We only use top quality raw materials for our led downlighters.Die-cast aluminum body+PC cover,white/black powder-coated,Anti-aging,anti-rust,anti-yellowing;DONE/Eaglerise/LiFud/Boke/Philips brand options for driver;Epistar/Samsung SMD LED Chips optional.High-quality raw materials are the first step to produce high-quality long-life downlighter.
  • Lumens output: The initial luminous flux is 90-100lm/w. Using pure gold wire and copper bracket LEDchips, its light attenuation is very low, at 1% at 3000 hours. Compared with the traditional CFL downlighter, its energy-saving effect is more obvious.
  • Lifespan: The life of a recessed downlighter depends on the quality of LED chips and led drivers. The theoretical life of the LED is above 50000hrs. The warranty of the LED driver is at least 3 years. Generally, from our experiences, our LED downlighters are 5years at least in a lifetime, some recessed downlighters produced in 2015, they are now still working well. It is your best choice for our led downlighters.
  • Lighting performance: The color rendering index is very important for extracting the texture and color reproduction of the illuminated objects. Our downlighter uses SMD lamp beads with a CRI above 80. And our recessed downlighter is free flicker, there is not any wave even if you take photos for downlighters which are working, in this case, it will be better to reducing harm for eyes.


Recessed installation,we provide the all accessories.Just be sure to turn off the power before installing LED downlighters.

Step 1:Use the hole-opening tool to make the ceiling hole according to the corresponding lamp size
Step 2: Connect the power cord of the recessed led downlighters to the reserved 100-240VAC wire (it is recommended to install and operate by a professional electrician)
Step 3: Put the spring clips on both sides of the lamp into the ceiling with the holes vertically upward
Step 4: Turn on the power to test whether the lamp works normally. To complete the installation.

Light distribution curve

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