LED Street light adjustable modular IP66 waterproof

  • 1.Philips 3030 chips,120-150lm/W
  • Meanwell driver,6-20kv surge protection
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • .Working life 50000Hrs, lifetime 10years
  • The safety switch can be added, the street lights will be cut off when the open cover
  • Adjustable joint, It can rotate 90 degrees
  • Dimming function/photocell function available
  • Warranty 2-5years
  • Model: GR-SL-XXWH

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Our LED Street light adopts best-led source, SMD3030 Philips, and best-led driver brand-Meanwell driver, lumens up to 120-150lm/W. Comparing the high press sodium or metal halide lamps will save more than 60% energy. These advantages make more and more people choose it as roadway lighting or parking lot lights.

If you would like to get the best street light for your projects,
we think this model type will be very satisfying to you. Its feature as following.


  • Name: LED Street light
  • Input voltage:100-277VAC 50/60Hz
  • LED Chips: Philips SMD3030
  • Lumens:120-150lm/W
  • CRI:>75%
  • Color temperature:3000K warm white,4000-4500k natural white,6000-6500K Cold white
  • Materials: Die-cast aluminum+PC Lens
  • Beam angle:90/120/80*155°
  • IP Grade: IP66 Waterproof outdoor use
  • Driver: Meanwell driver
  • Power factor:>0.95
  • Efficiency:>90%
  • THD:<15%
  • Surge protection:6-20KV
  • Working life:50000Hrs
  • Warranty:2-5Years
ModelPowerLED Chips QTYLumens
GR-SL-100WH100WPhilips 3030 110pcs12000lm-15000lm
GR-SL-150WH150WPhilips 3030 165pcs18000lm-20000lm
GR-SL-200WH200WPhilips 3030 220pcs24000lm-28000lm
GR-SL-250WH250WPhilips 3030 275pcs28000lm-30000lm
GR-SL-300WH300WPhilips 3030 330pcs36000lm-40000lm

1.It is an adjustable installation joint, which can be 90°rotation. Not only it can be installed on the top of the pole like area light, but also can be installed at the arm bracket, It can meet different installation requirements of customers

2.It is modular type, with a detachable module light source, easy to install, and maintain. What is more, The cover of outdoor street lights is of snap-on design, which is free of tool maintenance. The driver we used is Meanwell ELG or HLG series. Ensuring it is the best quality, avoiding any quality issues or problems.

3.Adopting the rubber ring in waterproof structure, it can be up to IP66 Grade, It is capable of more complex environments

4.It can be added photocell on the top of road light housing. Then it will be dusk to dawn smartly.

you can choose different beam angles for different width roads.
If you would like to light a big area, then we think this road light with 80*155° is the one you like. Just check the following for your reference

Q: How to change an HPS street light to a led street light fitting?
A: Generally the efficiency between HPS and led street lights is about 1:3. namely100W LED roadway light equivalent to 300W HPS.

Q: How much does a led street light cost?
A: It is decided on the power consumption and purchase quantities. We recommend checking this if you have limited budgets for projects

Q: How many watts is a led street lights?
A: Generally from 10W to 500Watt, but the main watt in markets is 100W 150W 200W 250W 300w which is popular. Just contact us freely if you have any other questions or requirements. as a leading professional road light manufacturer in china, we will give you the best supports

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