All In Two Solar Street Light System| Model: GR-ZC-A

GR-ZC-A Series automated all-in-two solar street light system is mainly composed of two parts, a monocrystalline silicon solar panel, and a solar street light fixture. lithium-ion LifePO4 battery pack and solar controller are all placed inside the street light body. The lamp body is connected to the solar panel with a quick connector. This solar street light is with a 12.8V large-capacity battery and can be freely matched with solar panels of different powers, it is very suitable for municipal engineering.


  • Dusk to dawn: Solar-street light is integrated with a photocell device, and is turned on/off automatically.
  • Flexible working model: The standard version: first 3 hours of 100% power; next 3 hours for 30-50% power, the last 6 hours for 20-30% power. It is also adjusted by a remote controller on demand.
  • Adjustable light module: LED module can be at an adjustable angle of 25°, suitable for different terrain roads.
  • Easy installation: The whole system includes fast waterproof connectors. Plug and play design for easy connection and installation
  • Wide working temperature: range of -30℃ to 60℃.
  • Manufacturer warranty: 3 years
  • Various color temperatures: 3000K warm white;4000k daylight, 6500K Cold white.


Mainly used for parks, plazas, pathways, rural areas, suburban roads, inner-city roads, etc.

Materials & Finished

  • Body: Aluminum alloy housing and PC Cover, IP65 Waterproof.
  • Light source: Philips/Osram SMD3030 LED Chips, 170lm/W output Max. Lifetime>100000hrs.
  • Battery: LifePO4 Li-battery, 12.8V, big capacity for long duration (3-5raining days). Lifetime up to 10 years.
  • Solar Panel: Monocrystalline Silicon solar panel, efficiency up to 24%. Lifetime more than 25Years.
  • Solar controller: PWM/MPPT type available, Solar Charging Time is only 6 hours. 3-5years warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Remote controller: included for each order.

Installation & Mounting

The installation pole diameter should be 60-65mm. There is no including poles or brackets for solar panels and street light fixtures. It is fast to do installation between the solar panel and light body by quick connector after preparing the brackets and pole.

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Models and Details

Order modelWattageDimensionLed QtyLumensBatterySolar panelMounting HeightMounting spaceIP Grade DATASHEET
GR-ZC-30WA30W575*280*100mm96pcs3900-4200lm12.8V 18AH18V 40W4-6M15-20MIP65Download
GR-ZC-40WA40W575*280*100mm96pcs4800-5500lm12.8V 24AH18V 50W5-7M20MIP65Download
GR-ZC-50WA50W665*280*100mm144pcs6000-7500lm12.8V 30AH18V 65W6-7M20-25MIP65Download
GR-ZC-60WA60W665*280*100mm144pcs7200-8000lm12.8V 36AH18V 80W6-8M20-27MIP65Download
GR-ZC-80WA80W755*280*100mm192pcs9600-10000lm12.8V 42AH18V 100W7-9M25-30MIP65Download
GR-ZC-100WA100W845*280*100mm240pcs12000lm-14000lm12.8V 54AH18V 130W9-10M30-35MIP65Download
GR-ZC-120WA120W845*280*100mm240pcs14000-15000lm12.8V 60AH18V 170W10-12M30-40MIP65Download

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