All In One Solar Street Light 30W-120W | Model: GR-SSL-B

GR-SSL-B Series is top quality all in one solar street light. the Li-battery, solar energy panel, and controller, these 3 in one light body for the whole system. It includes 30W 40W 50W 60W 80W 100W 120W, and is also available to customize bigger wattage if needed. Used for road secondary lighting, square lighting, rural areas, etc., to meet the special lighting needs of public places.

Materials & Finished

  • Housing: Aluminum alloy body, IP65 Waterproof. Lifetime more than 30 years.
  • Photocell: integrated into the body, During daytime – Automatic off, during the night – Automatic switch-on.
  • Switch: With a magnetic switch, when the metal is placed on the black sensor, the lamp is in a stopped state. When the metal iron block on the black sensor is taken away, the lamp starts to operate.
  • Light source: Bridgelux SMD3030 LED Chips, 170lm/W output. Lifetime>100000hrs. 3000K Warm white; 4000K natural white, and 6500K cool white are available.
  • Battery: LifePO4 Li-battery, 12.8V, big capacity for long duration (3-5raining days). The lifetime up to 10 years
  • Solar Panel: Monocrystalline Silicon solar panel, efficiency up to 24%. The working life can be 25years.
  • Solar controller: PWM controller as standard, it is ok to do MPPT controller if needed.
  • Sensor device: Microwave radar sensor, detect distance up to 30m.
  • Remote controller: included for each order.

Installation & Mounting

This series can be installed range from 5m to 12m by different wattages. And it is easy to do the installation with mounting accessories(joint). The installation distance is about 20-40meter.


Widely used for sidewalks, residential complexes, airport and runways, courtyards, backyards, gardens, playgrounds, construction sites, schools, factory compounds and remote areas and villages.

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Models and Details

Order modelWattageDimensionLed QtyLumensBatterySolar panelMounting HeightMounting spaceIP GradeDATASHEET
GR-SSL-30WB30W820*385*180mm80pcs3600-4200lm12.8V 27A18V 50W4-6M15-20MIP65Download
GR-SSL-40WB40W960*385*180mm80pcs4000-5000lm12.8V 28AH18V 65W5-7M20MIP65Download
GR-SSL-50WB50W1190*385*180mm160pcs5000-6000lm12.8V 36AH18V 70W6-7M20-25MIP65Download
GR-SSL-60WB60W1190*385*180mm160pcs6000-7000lm12.8V 42AH18V 80W6-8M22-25MIP65Download
GR-SSL-80WB80W1630*385*55mm160pcs8000-9600lm12.8V 57AH18V 100W7-8M23-28MIP65Download
GR-SSL-100WB100W1950*385*55mm240pcs11000lm-12000lm12.8V 63AH18V 130W9-10M27-34MIP65Download
GR-SSL-120WB120W1950*385*55mm240pcs12000-14000lm12.8V 72AH18V 140W10-12M30-40MIP65Download

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