Led In-ground Light

  • Rotation: Yes
  • Luminous flux: 90lm/W.
  • Efficiency:85%
  • Beam angle:24/45°.
  • Colors: 3000K/6500k/RGB.
  • Surge protection: 2KV.
  • Input voltage: 120VAC 220VAC.
  • Protection grade: IP65
  • Power:10W 20W
  • Installation: Embedded.
  • Working life: >50000Hrs.
  • MOQ: 1PCS.
  • Order Model: GR-GL-XXW H Series

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Led in ground light is a common outdoor landscape lighting fixture, which is mainly recessed into the ground or floor, used for decoration, indicating lighting, and used for washing walls or illuminating trees. Its application has considerable flexibility.


LED ChipsBridgelux/CREE COB
Color temperature3000-6500K; Red; Blue; Green or RGB
MaterialsStainless steel+ Aluminum body+ toughed glass
Beam angle24/45°
IP GradeIP65 Waterproof
Power factor>0.9
Working life50000Hrs
Working temperature-20/+50℃


  • 1. The lamp head can be rotated, and it can be illuminated in different directions according to specific needs.
  • 2. The in-ground light body is made of pressed adze or stainless steel, which is strong and durable, water-proof, and has excellent heat dissipation performance;
  • 3. The frame is 304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and anti-aging;
  • 4. Silicone sealing ring, excellent waterproof performance, protection level up to IP67;
  • 5. High-strength tempered glass, strong light transmittance, wide light radiation surface, strong load-bearing capacity;
  • 6. All solid screws for ground light fixtures are made of stainless steel;
  • 7. Bridgelux /CREE COB LED Chips, CRI90. Lumens output about 90lm/W.
  • 8. Input voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz or DC24V options.
  • 9. Various different color temperatures such as 3000K/6500K/ Green/Red/Blue/RGB options.

Installation and wiring

1. Before installing the in ground light fixtures, the power supply must be cut off. This is the first step in the installation of all electrical equipment and the basis for safe operation.

2. Before installing the LED in-ground light, the various parts and components used for the lamp should be sorted out. It is a special landscape LED lamp that is recessed into the ground or floor. Once installed, it is very troublesome to install fewer parts and want to reinstall it. So it should be prepared before installation.

3. Before installing the LED in-ground lamp, a hole should be dug according to the shape and size of the embedded part, and then the embedded part should be fixed with concrete. The embedded parts have the function of isolating the main body and the soil and can guarantee the service life.

In addition, before installation, you should prepare an IP67 or IP68 wiring device to connect the external power input to the power cord of the lamp body. Moreover, the power cord of the LED underground lamp requires a waterproof power cord to ensure service life.


The led in ground light widely used in shopping malls, parking lots, green belts, parks, tourist attractions, residential quarters, urban sculptures, pedestrian streets, building steps, etc.

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