400 Watt Equivalent Led UFO High Bay

  • Full watts, no cheating label
  • Custom-made packing design with your logo
  • Philips perfect design good heat dissipation
  • cheap price but 5 years warranty
  • Free replacement for bad lights
  • Free IES, Dialux, light solution offered
  • 400-watt equivalent led UFO 200w
  • Original: China
  • Production ability: 10000pcs per month

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LED PowerSuggested HeightIrradiation Power

This Philips style high bay UFO led lights is our Bestseller warehouse lights, 150w/200w power led high bay is 400-watt equivalent, Although it is a little bit expensive than other style UFO lights, most customers choose this one at last. 

You know why?

We all know that. The disadvantage of expensive products is that they are just a bit more expensive, BUT cheap products are not good except for cheaper price.

If you do not like this shape style one ,we do have a common used wide beam high bay.


This product has a 5-year warranty from the date of sale. Free replacement offered for quality problems within 5 years. But from the foundation of Greenery, there is no any big quality problem from our new or old customer.

01 Aviation-grade aluminum body

The whole new Philips high bay led the design, use ADC12 environmentally-friendly aviation-grade aluminum material, especially its powder spraying treatment, which is corrosion-resistant, does not change color, does not rust, and is more adaptable to various harsh environments.

02 Die-cast aluminum, best heat dissipation

Housing structure design is unique. With strict heat dissipation calculations, high-conductivity aluminum as the main body of heat dissipation.

The air convection design can improve the heat dissipation effect and prolong the life of led lights.

03 Independent sealed driver box

The back power supply box design protected the power supply, die-cast aluminum molding, sturdy and durable. The outlet with a waterproof connector has good sealing performance, waterproof and insect-proof.

04 Imported chips, No dead SMD led diode

Brand Philips 3030 SMD chips, high brightness 150lm/w, for 200w power the output is 24000-28000 lumen 400w HID lamp is about this lumen, stable light emission. low light decay, long lifetime.

05 Meanwell driver,5 years warranty

Taiwan Meanwell ELG series waterproof power supply, fully enclosed aluminum alloy housing. Constant voltage and constant current, with short-circuit, over-current over-voltage, over-heating and other safety protections, UL/CUL/TUV/CE and other international safety certifications Passed.

06 Optical lens Anti-glare

PC lens, reflector cup, improved the reflectivity and diffuse reflectivity of the light effectively, provide a wider irradiation range and a more uniform irradiation effect, the light is soft and not glare.

07 IP65 water and dustproof, durable

Waterproof, dustproof and mosquito-proof, suitable for various harsh environments such as high temperature, humidity, heavy oil and dust.

Widely used in workshops, warehouses, logistics centers, exhibition halls, stadiums, shipyards, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, farmers’ markets, airports, garages, and other large industrial lighting places. choose different color temperatures (3500K 4000K 6500K) for a different places.

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