Recessed wall light square waterproof 3W

  • Input voltage:100-240VAC 50/60Hz.DC12V 24V also can be customized
  • LED Driver: DONE Brand constant current driver, perfect quality.Free flicker
  • LED Chips: Bridgelux chips;80lm/W.CRI80
  • Materials: Die-Aluminum, white/black/grey finished available
  • IP Grade: IP65 Waterproof
  • Color temperature:3000K Warm white;4000-4500k natural white,6000-6500K cold white.
  • Working life:50000Hrs.The lifespan duration 5-10years at least.
  • Triac dimmable/0-10V/DALI dimmable available if needed.
  • Working temperature:-25℃~50℃,10%~90% R.H.
  • Warranty:2-3Years

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The LED Wall lamp is made of die-cast aluminum material, which is not easy to rust. The light source is LED chips, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, will save much more energy than traditional wall lamps. It is a smart choice to use it for different commercial building or projects


Outcut hole175*35*40mm95*35*40mm
LED ChipsBridgelux Bridgelux 
MaterialsDie-cast aluminum,white/grey/black finished options
Beam agnle10°
Color temperature3000k warm white,4500K natural white;6500K cold white, or Red,Blue,Green
Power factor>0.6
IP GradeIP65 Waterproof
Working life50000Hrs
CertificatesCE RoHS LVD EMC


  1. This wall lamp fixture is small and exquisite, embedded installation does not occupy the space of the building.
  2. The LED light source is hidden inside the lamp body and emits light downward to avoid direct glare.
  3. A variety of color temperature light sources are available to add color to various spaces. Red light, green light, blue light can also be customized
  4. The dimming scheme can be selected to meet various commercial needs.Triac dimmable,1-10V dimmable,or DALI Dimmable options


LED wall lamps are widely used for stairs, aisles, squares, gardens, streets.

Installation for wall lanterns recessed type

  1. Cut off the power supply. Make holes in the wall according to the size of the lamp body. (Note that the hole size is 5-10mm less than the actual size of the lamp body)
  2. Insert the embedded part (bottom box) of the lamp body into the opened hole.
  3. Connect the power cord on the main body of the luminaire with 220VAC of the mains (please note for wiring: the live wire is connected to the red wire of the L end, the neutral wire is connected to the blue wire of the N end, and the ground wire is connected to the yellow wire.
  4. Insert the main body of the lamp into the bottom box. Try whether the lamps can work normally

Attention: The best installation height for this lamp is about 20 cm from the ground

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