Integrated solar street light

  • Power: 30W 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W optional, the other power such as 50W 200W 240W can be done as well if needed.
  • Lumens: 100lm/W output,high brightness.
  • Detective distance: 10-12meter
  • Detective beam angle: 120°
  • Controller: 12V 5A 8A 10A
  • LiFePO4 Battery: different capacity available
  • Pole height: 3m to 12meter
  • Working life: 50000Hrs
  • Pole diameter: 60-65mm
  • Duration: 3-5 rainy days
  • Warranty: 2-3Years

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This integrated solar street light is an original model in design, that is using hoop installation with big size body and solar panel. The lumens output range from 2000lm to 15000lm, it will satisfy most outdoor projects and different height’s street light poles. The battery, solar controller, solar panel, led lights are all in one housing as a complete system, it is very easy to do installation and ship.


lumens 3000lm4000lm6000lm8000lm 10000lm 12000lm15000lm
Equivalent30W LED40W LED60W LED80W LED100W LED120W LED150W LED
Install height5-6meter6-7meter7-8meter8meter8-9meter9-10meter10-12meter
 Mono Solar Panel18V 50W18V 60W18V 80W18V 100W18V 120W18V 140W18V 160W
Solar controller12V 5A12V 5A12V 8A12V 8A12V 8A12V 8A12V 8A or 10A
 LiFePO4 Battery12.8V 24AH12.8V 30AH12.8V 42AH12.8V 48AH12.8V 54AH12.8V 60AH12.8V 66AH
Duration3-5 rainy days
 MaterialDie-Casting Aluminium
LED ChipsPhilips smd3030 high brightness
CCT 3000K~6000K
CRI >80
Beam angle70*150degree
Charging time 6-8 hours
Discharging time40 hours
Certificates CE,RoHS,LVD EMC
Sensor typePIR sensor or Radar sensor, Or time controller
Sensor distance10-14meter
Install pole 60-65mm
Warranty 2-3Years
RemarkStandard working model: It will be full power for lighting when it sensor any movements, but it will be only 20%-30% of power once there is no movement, which will try best to save energy.

Feature of solar-powered street lights

  • Mono solar panel. It ensures maximum conversion of solar energy into electricity
  • Aluminum alloy body. Protection grade up to IP65 waterproof, it is still working well under hard environments.
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery. Long life (average life is more than 5 years, the battery can be replaced).
  • Philips or Bridgelux SMD LED Chips. Highest brightness with No light decay, no flicker, no radiation.
  • Intelligent light control plus intelligent human body induction control. Light control-when there is light during the day, the street light will not be triggered to light up. In the evening, the street lights start automatically. Human body induction-full light mode when there are people, all light sources work at full power, and power-saving mode when there are no people, and work at half power. It is more energy-efficient, user-friendly, and has a battery life of more than 40 hours(about 3-5 rainy days duration)
  • The detective distance for the sensor device is 14meter with an angle of 120°,so it is ok for this integrated solar lighting to be installed on the top of the 12meter pole.
  • MPPT Solar controller.

Options for integrated solar street light

  • This integrated solar-led street light can be the hybrid solution(When the battery power is sufficient, the street light is powered by the battery; when the battery power is low, the integrated solar street lamp will automatically switch to AC110V or 220VAC power supply).
  • Control models can be time controller options (Set the specific switch time of the integrated solar street lights).
  • Different installation junctions options. The new junction can be for single-arm street light poles.


  • Expressway
  • Pathway
  • Parking lots
  • Industrial district
  • High way/motorway
  • Backyard

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