Suspension LED Linear 50x70mm

  • Dimension: Length can be customized, the width is 50mm, height is 70mm
  • Input voltage:100-240VAC 50/60Hz or DC24V
  • Efficiency:89%
  • Power factor:0.9
  • Lumens:90-100lm/W output
  • Working life:50000Hrs
  • Color rendering index:>80
  • THD:<15%
  • Beam angle:120°
  • IP Grade: IP22 No waterproof indoor use only
  • Working temperature:-20/+45℃
  • Working humidity:10%-90%RH
  • Color temperature:3000K warm white;4500K natural white;6500K cold white, the other CCT like 2200-2500K yellow can be customized

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This LED linear is made of pure aluminum, white/black/silver powder-coated optional, and high lumens SMD LED Chips, the efficiency up to 89%. More and more customers choose this light to replace traditional batten lights for indoor lighting.


LED ChipsEpistar SMD2835 96PCSEpistar SMD2835 192PCSEpistar SMD2835 240PCS
MaterialsAluminum+PC Cover
Beam agnle120°
Color temperature3000k warm white,4500K natural white;6500K cold white, or Red,Blue,Green
Power factor>0.9
IP GradeIP22
Working life50000Hrs
InstallationOriginal suspension installation,but surface mounted installation available as well.
RemarkThe other length can be customized according to requirements.


♦The design is simple, it is suitable for a variety of installation methods, such as hanging installation, embedded ceiling installation, surface installation, etc., and can be flexibly matched with the new type of ceiling and plasterboard. It is widely used on various indoor occasions.
♦Comfortable lighting performance: the light effect is soft and comfortable, the light distribution is even, there is no visible color difference and the visual effect is better
♦High Power factor: power factor reaches 0.9, meets various domestic and foreign standards, safe and secure.
♦Durable, economical, and energy-saving: LED linear lights have a life span of 30,000 hours, and the system efficiency exceeds 90lm/w. Compared with traditional lamps, it can save energy up to 60%
♦The color rendering index of linear lights is 82 (the higher the color, the better the color quality, and the true color of the object can be restored)
♦Color tolerance <=5, the color difference is not recognized by naked eyes, better light effect
♦No flicker (there is no wave when you take photos for these linear led lighting)
♦There are including all accessories for suspension installation and doing seamless splicing

Color temperature

Different color temperature options,3000K warm white,4000K natural white,6500K cold white. It is ok to customize special colors such as 2000-2500K Yellow, Red, blue, green if needed.

Installation for linear pendant light fixtures

It is suitable to do suspension installation for some places where is not grid ceiling,for the places with grid ceiling,the best way is to use recessed lighting.

Light distribution curve

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