Street lamp tool-free maintenance 110-150lm/W

  • Clips cover,tool-free maintenance
  • Lumileds SMD3030 chips, up to 150lm/W
  • adjustable installation joint
  • Meanwell/DONE/Sosen brand driver
  • The Cut-off switch automatically, safest device
  • SPD 10-20KV
  • Working life 50000Hrs
  • Warranty 2-5Years
  • Triac dimming/1-10V/DALI Dimming available
  • Emergency kit available
  • Photocell function available

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This street lamp is special in design, it is Tool-free maintenance types without any screws to fix the back cover, and with the highest lumens, SMD3030 LED Chips. Compared with traditional HID or metal halide street light fitting and HPS Light fixture, it will save much more than 70% energy.
So as far, the led street lamps are a clear and smart choice for public lighting or area lighting.


  • Input voltage:100-277VAC 50/60Hz
  • Led chips: Lumileds smd3030
  • Lumens:120-150lm/W
  • CRI:>75%
  • Materials:ADC12 Aluminum+glass cover+lens
  • Beam agnle:80*155°
  • IP Grade: IP66 Waterproof
  • IK Grade: IK08
  • Driver: Meanwell, Philips, DONE, Sosen TUV CE driver
  • Efficiency:90%
  • PF:>0.95
  • Surge protection:10-20KV option
  • Working life:50000Hrs
  • Warranty:2-5years
ModelPowerDimensionLED Chip QTYLumens
GR-SL-100WD80-100W option230*548mm216pcs12000-15000lm
GR-SL-150WD120-150W option257*598mm288pcs15000-20000lm
GR-SL-240WD200-240W option320*654mm320pcs26000-31000lm

1.This streetlamp is with the latest design in functions, adding many extra safe function and devices,
It will be much safer to be used and maintaining. The extra safe device as following:
• Safe cut-off switch. The electricity will be cut-off when the cover is open, avoiding any danger. It is safe to open or do maintenance 
•Adding extra surge protection device 10KV 20KV. Its function is to limit the instantaneous overvoltage into a power line and signal transmission line within the voltage range that the system can bear, or discharge the strong lightning current into the ground, to protect the led street lamp equipment or system from impact. This is very important for places where there is frequent lightning or frequent rain
•Photocell function. It is an option if needed. The photocell means the light will be turned on/off automatically on sunset /sunrise
•Meanwell, Philips, DONE, Sosen famous brand driver used, they are all top quality in led markets with 5years guarantees. And their driver are all with DALI,0-10V, Triac dimmable function if needed

2.Latest Design in housing and structure,it is different from commen modular street light led.

The cover of the housing is without any screws, just have accessories to fix the cover. It is available to do too-free maintenance. It is very convenient to do any repairs on the top of the pole, you don’t need to take down the fault streetlamps. And the installation joint is adjustable 90degree, it can be used for both Pole with arms and only Pole without arm.

3.Using highest quality Lumileds SMD3030 Chips, lumens output up to 150lm/W max. It will save much more about 70% energy than a traditional HPS, HID, or metal halide street lantern. And its lifetime also will be up to 10years. Nontoxic, mercury-free, clean, and pollution-free. Very good for the environment

4.The lamp adopts a secondary optical lens and high transmittance glass cover. LED light efficiency is very high, reducing light pollution and light loss. The luminous angle is 80 * 155 degrees, which can make a large area of ground be illuminated

5.Different color temperature for street lamp fixtures.2800-3200K warm white,4000-4500k natural white,6000-6500K Cold white. From our experiences, the 6000-6500K is most popular in markets. However, it is not a good choice for 6000-6500K. We need to consider and learn more about color temperature selection for street lamps. this special color temperature usually needs to be customized, it is hard to get stocks for it.

How to choose street lamp

  • The choice of LED street lamp is different for different lane numbers and installation locations. 
  • The more lanes, the higher the lamp pole will be selected, and the lamp power will be greater. 
  • The power of lamps on urban main roads is generally higher than that on rural roads.
  • The following is the Relationship between LED streetlamps power and installation height, it is ok for reference.

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