Led Street Light 100W-300W

  • Philips 3030 SMD 120-130LM/W
  • Surge protection 6-20KV
  • Meanwell/DONE Driver,10years lifetime
  • Photocell available
  • Working life 50000Hrs
  • Competitive price
  • IES File supports available
  • Model: GR-SL-XXWE

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Product Detail

  • This street light is made of LED SMD3030, the lumens output can be 120-150lm/W.
  • It has the unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy-saving, environmental protection,
  • long service life, fast response speed, and high color rendering index,
  • which is of great significance to urban lighting energy saving.
  • Led road light is more and more popular around the world.
ModelPowerLED Chips QTYLumens output
GR-SL-100WE100W112pcs SMD303012000-13000lm
GR-SL-150WE150W168pcs SMD303018000-20000lm
GR-SL-200WE200W224pcs SMD303024000-26000lm
GR-SL-250WE250W280pcs SMD303028000-30000lm
GR-SL-300WE300W336pcs SMD303036000-38000lm


  • Modular design, more uniform heat dissipation of streetlight lamps body
  • The electrostatic powder spraying process on the surface of the lamp body has good anti-corrosion, anti-aging, and anti-fading functions
  • Professional optical design, with Philips light source, the light efficiency can reach more than 120-150lm / W which is more than 60% higher than the traditional street lighting fixtures, saving more energy and money
  • The installation method is simple, which can greatly improve the installation time and save the labor cost
  • With the latest waterproof and dustproof design concept, the protection grade can reach IP65
  • It is equipped with famously led drivers, such as DONE, Meanwell, Philips brand.2-5years guarantees

Street light drawing and Display from 100W to 300W

Color temperature option

  • Generally, the 6000-6500K is most popular in markets for led street light fixtures. However, for some foggy areas,
  • 3000kwarm white or yellow light with a color temperature lower than 2700k is more popular,
  • because the yellow lighting has stronger penetration so that it can irradiate further places in foggy areas,
  • this special color temperature usually needs to be customized, it is hard to get stocks for it.


our street light lamp adopts the main trend optical lens with 80*155° beam angle, it can be lighting biggest area 

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